Back in 2013, we officially first heard the rumblings: The Weinstein Company, owner of a sizable film catalog, was looking to comb through its catalog and find properties that it could convert to televised series.  We’ve seen the results of that plan on the air over the last few years, with shows like ‘Scream’ and the upcoming ‘The Mist’ being fruits of this labor.  Reportedly, next up for the film-to-TV crossover is a genre-fan favorite: ‘Sin City.’

From what we’re hearing, however, the plan is to make a ‘Sin City’ TV series a very unique and original take, not simply a rehash or reimagining of the two-film series that has graced the silver screen.  From the original report by Deadline:

“The intention is to be a far departure from the films, introducing original characters and timelines within the Sin City universe.”

The creative team behind the show has been put into place as well.  Stephen L’Heureux, who produced the ‘Sin City’ sequel ‘Sin City: A Dame to Kill for,’ will function as a showrunner for the series, along with a bevy of producers whose names fans will recognize, including Glen Mazarra (‘The Walking Dead,’ ‘The Omen’), Len Wiseman (‘Underworld,’ ‘Lucifer,’ ‘Sleepy Hollow’), ‘Sin City’ comic creator Frank Miller, and Bob & Harvey Weinstein.

No “official” timetable for series production has yet been established, and the show hasn’t landed a deal with a specific network yet.  The natural progression, of course, would see a more mature-audience-focused series like this looking to land somewhere like an HBO, Starz, or even Netflix; as news develops, of course, we here at will keep you posted!

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