the tick

If there are any remaining doubts about the quality of Amazon’s upcoming reboot of ‘The Tick,’ the clips being released in advance of the premiere of the first season should help to quell any naysayers.

Amazon is putting in a lot of work to make sure people are aware of their new superhero/comedy show, and it is easy to understand why. Peter Serafinowicz plays the role to perfection in every scene I have watched from the series, and the new clip released today is no exception. In it, he finds his buddy Arthur (Griffin Newman) being terrorized by the villain Overkill (Scott Speiser) who wants to steal Arthur’s suit (at least according to an explanation of the scene I read). So, the Tick leaps into action, instantly proving his boasts of being nearly invulnerable by easily shrugging off a small explosive device thrown his way and laughing and making jokes while Overkill assaults him with a variety of martial arts moves, and showing off his strength by knocking Overkill easily around the room. However, it seems that Overkill might have found his weakness when he grabs one of the Tick’s antennae, as that seems to cause the Tick an immense amount of pain, leaving him at the villain’s mercy, and finally raising the stakes of the fight where Overkill continues to go in for those antennae, even as the Tick warns him to “stay off my nerves!”

Of course, to see how it all plays out we’ll have to tune in to Amazon on August 25 when the series premieres, but especially after seeing this, I am even more invested in the show and its characters, and will be there to see the new adventures the Tick and Arthur go on during this premiere season.

Will you be streaming it as well? Share your thoughts about the new clip and the new ‘Tick’ series in the comments section below!