Fans of ‘Mystery Science Theater 3000’ have long mourned its final cancelling in 1999 and now it seems they have a reason to rejoice! Sure the show was able to carry on in a form over the past few years under the name of ‘Rifftrax’ but it was never quite the same. An audio track watched over a film without the heads floating at the bottom of the screen just wasn’t as fulfilling. There was something about Mike Nelson, Kevin Murphy as Tom Servo and Bill Corbett as Crow T. Robot that really could put a smile on your face before Syfy shut them down. Now after fifteen years they are returning to the small screen!

Hold your horses though as the team won’t be returning to watch the movies that we are used to them giving commentary over. Yes the gang is all back but on this 3 episode run will have the title of ‘Total Riff Off’ during it we see the crew poking fun at National Geographic programming and footage of animals. We aren’t going to be getting any B horror or science fiction films this time but we will see three episodes entitled: “Pig Love,” “Demon Bat” and “Badass Dino Bird.”

Actually, with names like those they may have very well turned a few National Geographic shows into B movies! The first episode will be aired on April 1st and hopefully from geeks everywhere this isn’t one of the most spectacular April Fools jokes of all time.

Fellow fans of the trio are you excited for their return, limited as it may be? Will trading bad B movies in exchange for shows about animals make for just as good viewing in your eyes? More importantly will they still be stuck watching this from the space station they’ve been trapped on? Share your thoughts below!

Source: Zap2It.