The Walking Dead

A clip from season 9 of ‘The Walking Dead’ has just been released and features Daryl Dixon as the leader of the Sanctuary. The footage also reveals that someone will die.

The clip shows Rick Grimes arriving at the Sanctuary as he is greeted by the Saviors who hope he is making Negan suffer. The commotion quickly dies down as Eugene gives Daryl a list of things he needs to address. While they look to Daryl for help, he makes it clear that he isn’t in the mood, looking at Laura and saying:

“We just lost someone.”.

Tension continues to mount when Michonne discovers writing on the Sanctuary’s walls that reads, “We are still Negan.” Daryl explains that the group is getting restless as their resources dwindle and they struggle to produce crops effectively.

Fans of ‘The Walking Dead’ know that Season 9 will be Andrew Lincoln’s last as Rick Grimes. Reedus recently spoke about Lincoln’s departure and his reaction to the news saying:

“I knew before it was even brought up. I mean that dudes kind of been my BFF forever. So I talk to him in the morning before work. I talk to him at lunch. I talk to him as soon as we wrap. I’m at his house, he’s at my house. We made a pact early on like, ‘If you leave, I leave. Don’t leave without me.’ Especially during a time when like people were dropping like flies all of the sudden. He told me like ages in advance and, of course, I tried to talk him out of it and, ‘Move your family to New York. I’m in New York, you know it’s an hour and a half,’ you know, I did all of the tricks. I understood why he left, you know, I get it. I totally get it. He had two kids and you live a million miles away.”

‘The Walking Dead’ airs n AMC Sundays at 9 pm ET. Check out the clip below!