We’ve always known that ‘IT 2‘ was being planned to focus on the children in the first film grown up, but we haven’t known when it might happen, until now. Not only has director Andres Muschietti confirmed that he’ll be returning to direct the sequel, but he’s also shared that it will be the next film on his plate! The news came from San Diego Comic-Con 2017 where the director has been fielding questions from fans and the press.

We recently had learned that the director will be directing the live-action ‘Robotech‘ which will be planned as a tentpole film and likely to start off a trilogy so it is a bit surprising to learn that the movie won’t be next on his plate. A bit surprising, but the reason why is completely understandable.

Here is what Cinema Blend was able to find out in a very quick response:

“Andres: I’m going to do part two before any other thing.


CinemaBlend: Oh before any other thing, before Robotech?


Andres: Yea, Robotech is a longer shot. We don’t have a script yet.”

If the new take on ‘It’ proves to be a success, Stephen King and horror fans will have a reason to rejoice that ‘Robotech’ is nowhere near casting or filming. As the children will return in flashbacks, this would easily be the preferred route to shooting the follow up as you wouldn’t want them to grow too much before the next movie began to film.

As filming for the sequel hasn’t started you could unrealistically hope for a late 2018 release date though likely we’ll be seeing the follow up released in 2019.

If you’d like to watch the interview, you can check it out in the clip below:

Are you happy to hear that Pennywise will be returning to haunt us sooner than later? Share your thoughts below!