fear street

Fox appears to have big plans for their cinematic ‘Fear Street‘ franchise as they will now be releasing a series of films just months apart! Leigh Janiak (‘Honeymoon’) had been tapped to direct the initial film part of the deal actually has her set to “write or rewrite three different scripts that could be shot back-to-back-to-back — and released back-to-back-to-back, one month after another.” An insider who is familiar with the project is describing the idea as “bingeing movies” which seems a bit far-fetched in theory but we all know that has become the preferred reality for many when it comes to television.

So why not a similar cinematic experience? While Fox wouldn’t comment on this release schedule to confirm or deny it, the idea seems like a bold move from the studio and one that could work out quite favorably if it is a success. This idea could be a game-changer in how some franchises are made and released.

Even if she is just in charge of the films and they don’t plan on releasing it this way it does offer Janiak a lot of control over the franchise. She is already working with Zak Olkewicz (‘Lights Out’) on the script for the second film, while Silka Luisa is tackling the third. Kyle Killen had previously penned the first scirpt which Janiak and Phil Graziadei are looking over in case any revisions need to be made to include it in the overall multi-movie idea.

The ‘Fear Street’ franchise would fit well with this idea as it would all take place in Shadyside, Ohio but over three different time periods. A perfect fit for a trilogy of movies. While each installment had their own primary characters, there were a few recurring that helped solidify it as a shared world.

Are you looking forward to ‘Fear Street’ hitting the big screen? Is the idea of filming and releasing them back to back a good one or will this be too much for audiences? Share your thoughts below!