The Trailer For In Fabric

‘Jaws’ made people too afraid to swim in the ocean, while ‘It’ ruined clowns forever.  The ‘Friday the 13th’ franchise killed summer camp for kids of the ’80s and ‘Nightmare on Elm Street’ made everyone too frightened to even go to sleep.  Now comes ‘In Fabric’, a horror flick bound and determined to terrorize you to the point you never want to… er, wear clothes.

Oscar-nominated Marianne Jean-Baptiste stars as Sheila, a woman going through a painful separation from her husband.  What else does one do in such a situation?  Buy a stunning new red dress, that’s what!

While shopping at a posh department store in London, she takes some fashion advice from a peculiar saleswoman who promises that a particular crimson dress will transform her life for the better.

Or will it?  After wearing the frock on one disaster of a first date, Sheila begins noticing bizarre scars on her body.  As things get stranger, Sheila discovers that this dress has been passed from owner to owner, with nightmarish consequences.  ‘The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants’, this is NOT.

Hmmm, killer laundry?  Seems far-fetched, until you realize that’s the ENTIRE concept behind ‘Venom‘.  And that made $855 million.

Directed by Peter Strickland, ‘In Fabric’ also stars Gwendoline Christie, Sidse Babett Knudsen, Caroline Catz, and Julian Barratt.

Check out the trailer below:


Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, Strickland said:

“I always had this fascination with objects.  I think what started it was going to secondhand shops. You find clothes with stains on them, you find clothes which stink of body odor, you find clothes from dead people. Already, there’s a haunting. You buy a shirt, and probably someone cried having to give that shirt away because it belonged to someone they loved who died.”

‘In Fabric’ received an excellent reaction at the Toronto International Film Festival in September.  It is expected to be released in theaters later this year, although it doesn’t have a release date set.

Will you be checking out ‘Venom 2’ ‘In Fabric’?

In Fabric poster
CR: A24