Showtime again, Synergy!  Sophie Campbell, who helped reinvent ‘Jem & The Holograms’ for a new era, kicking off art chores on IDW’s comic book based on the classic 80s animated series (which kicked the live action movie’s ass) is apparently returning to the ‘Jem’ fold in an unrevealed new project.

The artist took to Twitter to tease this comic, saying:

Campbell was hired on to draw the ‘Jem & The Holograms’ comic based on fan art she’d created.  She gave the characters thoroughly modern designs (which were still faithful to the 80s aesthetic of the original cartoon and doll line), including edgy hairstyles and, best of all, giving the characters various body types, something that the original cartoon couldn’t do because all of the dolls had to share the same body mold.

Campbell departed ‘Jem’ in order to focus on her own creator-owned projects, but now, luckily for ‘Jem’ fans, it appears she’ll be back doing the comics that really broke her out to the mainstream.  (She has a long body of work including the series ‘Wet Moon’.)

The earliest of ‘Jem’ comics credited the art to her birth name, Ross Campbell. Campbell, who is transgender, co-created the all-new character Blaze, a trans vocalist who filled in with the book’s antagonists, The Misfits, after Pizzazz suffered an injury.

Currently, the ‘Jem’ comic books are going through the two concurrent ‘Infinity’ miniseries– one series devoted to Jem & the Holograms, one for The Misfits.  This series features The Misfits being trapped in a virtual reality world where Jem & the Holograms rule.  After that… unknown.

Campbell’s art is… honestly AWESOME!  Seeing her art in any format is a delight!  But she clearly put a lot of heart into her ‘Jem’ art so it’s amazing to see her back working on this property.

Are you agree?

Source: Sophie Campbell via Twitter