Spider-Man: Homecoming

Your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man is swinging into theaters in just a few short days, and as fans and audiences gear up to see ‘Spider-Man: Homecoming,’ the next entrant into the ever-expanding Marvel Cinematic Universe, there is one key aspect of the character that movie-goers should not expect to see highlighted on the big screen in this iteration of the character’s film history.

WARNING: Minor spoilers for ‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’ lie ahead.  If you’d rather not know this information, then the time to stop reading is now!

Ever since Tom Holland’s version of Peter Parker debuted on-screen in the MCU during the awesome fight sequence in ‘Captain America: Civil War,’ fans have been wondering what we will see with this character that we haven’t been exposed to in the previous Spider-Man film series.  One key aspect that has been integral to the character ever since his debut in the comic books decades ago has been his “spider-sense,” the innate ability Peter has to have an advanced feeling of when things are about to happen or go badly for him.

In ‘Homecoming,’ it’s been widely reported that the spider-sense isn’t utilized, and indeed, during the ‘Civil War’ sequence that Spider-Man was involved in, he was surprised by quite a few attacks from the other heroes, leading fans to wonder if the spider-sense was even present at all.  In a recent interview, film director Jon Watts explained his thoughts on the scenario:

“I feel like we have seen a lot of Spider Sense in the previous films, so we didn’t really lean into that as hard as they have in the previous films. But I do think it is a really interesting thing to explore.”

So there you have it, web-heads: it’s not that Peter doesn’t have spider-sense, per se, it’s just that this aspect of the character isn’t necessarily highlighted in ‘Homecoming.’

Will you be heading to the theaters this weekend to check out ‘Spider-Man: Homecoming?’  Sound off in the comments below and let us know what you’re most hoping to see in the film!

Thrilled by his experience with the Avengers, young Peter Parker returns home to live with his Aunt May. Under the watchful eye of mentor Tony Stark, Parker starts to embrace his newfound identity as Spider-Man. He also tries to return to his normal daily routine — distracted by thoughts of proving himself to be more than just a friendly neighborhood superhero. Peter must soon put his powers to the test when the evil Vulture emerges to threaten everything that he holds dear.


‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’ opens in US theaters on July 7, 2017.