Today we’ve got some news on a movie that will be quite off in the distance as Warner Brothers has picked up a pitch for ‘Dante’s Inferno.’ Newcomer Dwain Worrell (‘Walking the Dead,’ ‘Operator’) has just sold the pitch to the studio who has both Gianni Nunnari’s Hollywood Gang and Akiva Goldsman’s Weed Road already set to produce the film. From what it sounds like, the pitch not only has a huge scale but also was written with a franchise in mind. Even with an extended run it seems like it will follow the epic love story of Dante going through the nine circles of Hell in order to rescue the woman he loves. With being so early in the process at this time there is no word as to a director or who may star in this potential series.

If I’m reading franchise and throwing nine circles in there, I would almost expect an introduction and one circle in the first film and an attempt at four more films each covering two circles to close out the series for a whopping five films. Of course, if they are really feeling feisty they could even pull off a nine film saga which I’m sure everyone could feel is quite a stretch with audience loyalty being what it is.

The original work not actually having Dante trying to save Beatrice, his lost love, it should be interesting to see how the new take has him thinking that he is able to do so as the original story has her saving him.

It seems that the topic of a new take on ‘Dante’s Inferno‘ means that there will be competition between studios as Universal Pictures already has a film in mind being helmed by Fede Alvarez (‘Evil Dead‘) which is based on the amazingly well done video game by Electronic Arts from a few years back. The video game was more of a title filled with action, suspense, and horror so I suspect that while the two will cover the same topic they will do so in stunningly different ways.

As we don’t know much about the new potential franchise quite yet and with my love of the video game mentioned above I am personally leaning towards wanting to hear more about the Universal Pictures release myself.

Are you wanting to check out a new film based on ‘Dante’s Inferno’ or is one in the pipeline enough for you? Share your thoughts below!

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