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SPOILER ALERT: This article contains some information about the Season 10 finale of ‘Doctor Who’ so if you are behind, you may want to turn back.  (Then come back later once you’re caught up.)

Showrunner Steven Moffat officially bid adieu to ‘Doctor Who’ with the Season 10 finale entitled ‘The Doctor Falls’.  And he went all in, it the return of a certain…shall we say “old school” character, the latest Doctor, played by Peter Capaldi, taking on a legion of Cyberman and TWO Masters, the newest, nicknamed Missy, played by Michelle Gomez and John Simm’s version from previous seasons.  We also appeared to say goodbye to… someone.  (Sad clown.)

Moffat contacted his predecessor, Russell T. Davies when he conceived of the idea of bringing Simm’s Master back and the conversation got… a little randy.

Moffat stated:

“I wrote to Russell and said look I’m going to bring back one of your characters… do you want the spoiler or not? And he said ‘OK tell me, tell me, tell me.’”

“I said OK, it’s John Simm’s Master.”

From there, things got a bit racier.

If you saw the episode, you noticed the banter between Missy and the Master, bordered on sexual tension.  Were Davies still in charge things might have gone in an… interesting direction.

Moffet continued:

“He’s going ‘oh my God the dialogue! Oh god how brilliant. Oh my god…they’re going to, aren’t they?”

“I said Russell it’s a children’s show, it’s not Cucumber, we can’t do that. But we concocted this whole scheme that I’d cliffhanger out of my era on Doctor Who – handing over to Chris [Chibnall, the incoming showrunner] – with Missy telling the Master and the Doctor that she’s pregnant.”

‘Cucumber’ was a 2015 gay-themed UK series that Davies created as he was exiting ‘Doctor Who’.

So the series, while still ending on a shocking beat, setting up this winter’s Christmas Special and the incoming showrunner Chris Chibnall– and a new Doctor– things could have ended on a much more bizarre, soap opera-esque note.

Obviously, the way things ended, it appears that this scenario could never come to pass.

But what do you think?  Would you have preferred this “Master-batory” ending?  Or are you happy with the way Moffat wrapped up his run?

Source: Radio Times