Iron Fist #6

The Master of Kung-Fu hasn’t been too active in Marvel comics in recent years though Ed Brisson is having him team up with ‘Iron Fist‘ in the sixth issue of his current run on the series! Fresh off of Iron Fist’s work during “The Trial of Seven Masters,” we’ll see a Danny Rand who is still trying to find his place in a world where K’un-Lun is missing. Only, not all of the world wants to let him have a second to catch his breath as he has a new “murder cult” to deal with.

Thankfully, he won’t be dealing with it alone as Brisson, Mike Perkins, and Andy Troy are bringing a fan-favourite back to help out. We’re getting a mix of martial arts and horror with this new set of enemies, and it’ll be interesting to see how they’ve kept under the radar for so long with what we’ve found out about them.

According to Brisson:

“Without getting into spoiler territory…After the events of The Trial of Seven Masters, Danny is just trying to get home. He’s learned more about himself and knows what he needs to do, where he needs to go. However, it seems some people don’t want him to make it home. Some people would rather see him dead. The “murder cult”, known as The Lineage of the One True Light is not a group we’ve seen in the Marvel U before. Mike Perkins and I had a lot of fun creating the look for The Lineage and their leader. I’m hoping that people will be sufficiently creeped out by them. Shang-Chi gets a tip-off on the hit and comes in to help Danny. The why of it all, you’re going to have to read to find out.”

When it comes to seeing these two heroes interacting on page together:

“These two are supposed to be the top kung-fu masters in the Marvel U, and I think that there’s a mutual respect between them, however, we wanted to play off that a little. We’ve got them competing a little, even if it’s low key and not at the forefront. There are comments here and there that let you know that they’re both aware that the other is perhaps trying to outperform the other. As to Shang-Chi’s dad being an infamous criminal mastermind, it’s not something that is addressed. Danny knows that everyone’s got their own issues. Hell, Danny’s own father tried to kill him in Iron Fist: Living Weapon, so he’s not one to start criticizing some else’s parents.”

If I’m sad about anything, it’s that this arc is only two issues long. As to how their fighting styles would play off one another:

“Historically, Danny’s focus has been almost strictly hand-to-hand combat, where Shang-Chi has training in both hand-to-hand and in using weaponry. Iron Fist can sometimes be impulsive, where Shang-Chi is more disciplined and focused.”

While we’re getting a new set of villains, they won’t be the only ones coming into play in the upcoming arc and beyond:

“There are a couple who’re set to appear in an upcoming arc, but I don’t want to spoil anything. But, honestly, there are very few characters from Iron Fist’s past that I don’t want to bring into the series. I feel he’s got a rich gallery of villains — everyone from Razorfist to Davos — and a compelling list of supporters and friends — from Luke Cage to Colleen Wing to The Immortal Weapons. This list is as long as my arm. There are some deep cut baddies that I’ve been pitching for upcoming arcs that we’ll hopefully get to see. More immediately, though, people may have noticed Sabretooth on the cover of the first issue in the LEGACY arc. Sabretooth made his first appearance in IRON FIST #14 and the two have clashed several times since and it looks like they’re both still holding a grudge.”

I love that Brisson isn’t just embracing the rich history of ‘Iron Fist’ but is expanding upon it as well. A bit of old and new mixed together which quite fits who and what Danny Rand is.

Are you looking forward to the upcoming story arc which will mark the return of Shang-Chi? How do you think the two will work together as a team? Share your thoughts below True Believers!

‘Iron Fist’ #6 will be kung fu fighting its way into your local comic shop on August 2nd, 2017!

Source: Marvel