RUMOR ALERT: None of this is CONFIRMED so take it all with a grain of salt!

Reportedly, Warner Brothers is hoping to have an actress cast as Batgirl by SDCC, in order to make a surprise announcement.  According to an “insider,” the studio has contracted an artist to mock up concept art based on the likenesses of their top choices to play the role of Barbara Gordon.

The most recognizable name on the list is Elle Fanning, most recently seen in Sofia Coppola’s Cannes Film Festival darling ‘The Beguiled’.  But she is perhaps best known for playing Aurora in ‘Maleficent’.

Another consideration appears to be Emma Roberts, star of ‘American Horror Story’ and ‘Scream Queens’.

Also on the reported list are Naomi Scott, who recently portrayed Kimberly in the big screen version of ‘Power Rangers’‘Ready Player One’ star Olivia Cook who has also appeared in ‘Me, Earl and the Dying Girl’ and ‘Ouija’, but is perhaps best known for the series ‘Bates Motel’.

Reportedly also under consideration are former Disney star Bella Thorne, from ‘Shake It Up’, ‘Famous In Love’ and ‘Scream: The TV Series’, Katherine Langford from the recent Netflix hit ’13 Reason’s Why’, Margaret Qualley from the TV series ‘The Leftovers’, Jane Levy who was in the 2013 version of ‘The Evil Dead’ and has a small part on the revival of ‘Twin Peaks’, and finally, Haley Lu Richardson who was in ‘The Edge of Seventeen’ and ‘Split’ and starred on Freeform’s series ‘Recovery Road’.

While Fanning, Roberts and to a degree Thorne and Scott are somewhat well-known, the rest are somewhat unknown and are mostly associated with television, although all appear to be on the rise.  Fanning has a cerebral quality that could suit Barbara Gordon well.  Roberts, however, has mainly played shallow… well, bitches.  And Thorne’s body of work really hasn’t allowed her to stretch, much less prove she can kick off a franchise within a franchise.  Scott’s Kimbery had spunk, and with ‘Power Rangers” future uncertain, she could be freed up.

Joss Whedon is penning the script to direct.  No release date has been announced.

What do you think?  Who should be the big screen ‘Batgirl’?

Source: DCEU Leaks