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‘Wonder Woman’ gets a lot of praise and attention as the jewel in Warner Brothers’ DC Comics crown, after her record-breaking solo film which was also critically and fan praised.  But before the Amazing Amazon’s film, another DC diva gained a legion of new fans: Harley Quinn, as portrayed by Margot Robbie in last year’s ‘Suicide Squad’. Warner Brothers wasted no time in locking Robbie in for additional films as the Clown Princess of Crime.  Robbie was made an executive producer and it was announced that her psychiatrist-turned-gangster moll would be back in not just a ‘Suicide Squad’ sequel, but a Harley-centered movie that evolved into ‘Gotham City Sirens’ which would introduce new DC film versions of Catwoman and Poison Ivy AND a Harley/Joker feature that would be inspired at least in part by the graphic novel ‘Mad Love’.

But with the DC film universe in a bit of disarray, especially after under-performance of ‘Justice League’, the future is uncertain.  But considering that Robbie’s Harley is a rare win for the franchise, it would be wise to continue developing projects for her.  After a lull in buzz, Robbie has finally stated that she will be slapping on the grease paint and pink and blue hair dye to return to the DCU sometime in 2018.

“Every character I play, I don’t feel like myself and that’s why I like doing it.  It’s so weird when people want to know about you because you’re like, wait, my whole job is not being me. Me? I don’t know, I’m boring. But, like, these characters are amazing, ask about them.  Harley’s one of those insane characters and people do seem to really like her, so I hope I get to keep playing her.”

Robbie discusses playing Harley as well as other roles on Variety’s ‘Actors on Actors’ with Jake Gyllenhaal (who is rumored to be in the running to take over as Batman, should Ben Affleck depart, so Hmmmmmm….) which is presented on Google Home and will air on PBS from January 2-4.

Now comes the question as to which project will first bring Harley back to the big screen.  ‘Suicide Squad’ director David Ayer passed on the sequel in order to take on ‘Gotham City Sirens’ and now there is speculation that the mysterious “lady in red” at the beginning of ‘Justice League’ might have been our first glance at Catwoman.  That could bring us one step closer to ‘GCS’ becoming a reality.  On the other hand, ‘The Accountant”s Gavin O’Connor signed on to ‘Suicide Squad 2’ after Ayer’s departure, so it’s possible that’s further along that we knew.  Of the three potential films, the ‘Mad Love’ film has had the least amount of publicity and with WB developing a ‘Joker’ solo origin film disconnected from the DCEU, they may be holding off on another Joker project for the time being.

Then again, maybe Harley’s next exposure won’t be on the BIG screen at all.  WB just announced an animated ‘Harley Quinn’ series for its premium streaming service and Robbie is connected to that as well.  While that may be fun, it’s far from the energetic dose of Robbie/Harley that fans have been jonesing for since the first ‘Squad’.

Are you happy to hear that Robbie is reprising her Harley Quinn role in 2018?  Which project would you most like to see?

Source: Variety