When the trailer for ‘The Hunger Games’ premiered, news soon came out that a signature line of nail polish would be released in association with the movie. Now it looks like fans may have to wait as THR has exclusively reported that the company manufacturing the nail polish has filed a suit in the Los Angeles Superior Court against Lionsgate for breach of contract.

The suit comes within weeks of reports that China Glaze will be releasing the line in February 2012 and that the line would be inspired by the movie ‘The Hunger Games’ in that there would be 12 shades of color that would represent the 12 districts of Pernam.

American International Industrials, a personal care and beauty products manufacturer, filed the suit claiming that a deal was made with Lionsgate back in October to create the ‘Hunger Games’ version of their China Glaze nail polish line and that the company would contribrute to the promotion of the film. When word hit the internet about the new line, Lionsgate made statements to the press that the details may not be accurate or that it was “not happening.” The suit claims that Lionsgate executives had asked American International Industrials to publically state that the two companies “were merely ‘discussing’ a ‘possible’ promotional deal.” And when American refused to cooperate, an e-mail was sent by a Lionsgate attorney terminating their contract.

A copy of the suit obtained by THR argues that “the contract does not permit Lionsgate to unilaterally terminate. Lionsgate attempted to justify its actions by claiming that American had supposedly ‘leaked’ information about the contract to the press. The claim was and is completely untrue–American did not ‘leak’ any information and so informed Lionsgate immediately.”

American International Industrials claims that it has purchased millions of dollars in materials as well as spent a substantial amount of time and labor in preparation for the product line and is asking for $10 million in damages.

At the moment, no comment from Lionsgate has been issued.

As this suit is still in the early stages, we’ll keep you informed of the progress. In the meantime, you can check out the nail polish line that’s in question below:

Primrose – inspired by Prim
Rebel – inspired by Gale
Catnip – inspired by Katniss
Coal Hearted – inspired by District 12
Joined at the Seam – inspired by The Seam
Fight to the Finish – inspired by the night sky the Tributes look into
We Could Runaway – inspired by forest Katniss & Gale hunt in
Baker’s Son – inspired by Peeta
Cinna-mon – inspired by Cinna’s gold eyeliner
Fire in Flight – inspired by the Flaming Mockingjay
Heat of the Moment –  inspired by the costumes Katniss & Peeta wear into the Arena
Flaming Gems – inspired by Katniss’ interview dress