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When Billie Piper was asked at an Awesome Con panel  if she would consider starring in a new spin-off show with the Meta-Crisis Doctor, she said: “That would be interesting… I’d be game!”

To clarify one thing straight off, the Meta-Crisis Tenth Doctor was a Time Lord/human hybrid and a human incarnation of the Doctor. He would age as humans do and had no regenerative ability. He also had only one heart, though it was obvious that it belonged to Rose. He came into being by an instantaneous biological meta-crisis and was the final result of the Tenth Doctor’s aborted regeneration.

The Meta-Ten was left in an alternate universe with Rose (Billie Piper). He was, in essence, everything the original Doctor was, but the “original Doctor was quick to point out that his new double was born in battle, full of blood, anger and revenge — which in my determination would make for a very interesting spin-off.

I find myself wondering what a the show like this would be like, knowing that the TARDIS couldn’t possibly exist in this parallel world. Fans also speculated as to whether or not the Doctor had used up one of his regeneration cycles in the making of the Meta-Crisis Doctor. In ‘The Time Of The Doctor,’ the Eleventh confirmed that these actions did indeed use up a regeneration and dismissed the Tenth Doctor’s reluctance to change his face as “vanity issues”.

The most interesting plot point in this wishful thinking potential new spin-off may be the Meta-Doctor’s personality — namely, the part of him that came from the plucky Donna Noble (Catherine Tate)! To prove my point, this scene says it all:

The Meta Doctor: I grew out of you. (To Donna) Still, could be worse.
Donna: Oi! Watch it spaceman!
The Meta Doctor: Oi! Watch it Earth Girl! (Both gasp)

What a great scene with great reactions. Is it any wonder the new ‘Doctor Who’ series is so amazing?

What do you think fellow Whovians? Would you like  to see a ‘Doctor Who’ spin-off series starring Rose and the Meta-Crisis Doctor (and the return of Billie Piper and David Tennant)?

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