tom cruise the mummy

‘The Mummy’ was supposed to kick off Universal’s “Dark Universe” with a box office smash but might be dashing out of it and costing the studio $95 million in the process. Tom Cruise might have had his biggest international release to date, having brought in $300 million overseas with $75 million domestically, but that is still going to be a huge loss for a film.

If ‘The Mummy‘ continued to perform well internationally it may have had a chance to recoup its loss. However, not even this ancient evil will be unable to withstand the onslaught of ‘Transformers: The Last Knight’ when it is released this week as the Paramount film tends to be a juggernaut.

While the film is doing decently in the Asian markets, the return on investment there is low, and the Europe hasn’t been showing up to check it out with only $7.8 million in sales in the UK, $4.8 million in Germany, and $3.4 million in France. They may recoup a bit more here if the heatwave in Europe dies down as many theaters aren’t air conditioned as they are in the States. While the July 28th, 2017 release date in Japan might be able to help out, it is doubtful that the remaining and additional showings will help overcome the $95 million in the red that Universal is looking to be up against.

Thankfully, those who are hopeful for a hit with Universal’s “Dark Universe’ don’t have to be worried that this will shut things down before they even begin. All reports indicate that the studio is still fully invested in the franchise but if this ends up being a trend of losing money, I wouldn’t expect it to continue for too many more films.

Are you sad that ‘The Mummy’ lost money at the box office? Do you think this will be how the franchise continues or will it improve over time? Share your thoughts below!

Source: Deadline