We’ve known that a new ‘Spider-Man‘ game was coming out for PlayStation 4 and a new trailer was revealed at E3 this year that is amazing! Executive Creative Director Bill Rosemann grew up watching the cartoon from the ’60s and the fact that he now gets to spend his boyhood love of the Wallcrawler which has evolved into comics, movies, and more into what helping make this game is clearly a great experience as he shares a few details of what went into the game below.

First though, what you probably want to see. You can check out the trailer right here!

Marvel fans who didn’t have a PlayStation 4 likely now have a reason to want to pick one up. That really looks as if it is going to be a ton of fun. The plot will tie together both Parker’s life as a civilian and as everyone’s favorite neighborhood Spider-man as in this trailer he goes up against Mr. Negative whose his Aunt May is working for. Not only that, but we’ll see the studio “showcasing his awesome rogues gallery and supporting cast.”

We don’t have the full list of villains which we’ll be up against quite yet but I suspect that we’ll be in for a real treat when an announcement does get made.

What is interesting though is that they are specifically stating that the Spidey in the game has been battling New York’s villains for eight years. That means we’ll see a Spidey who knows what he is doing and has a history with those that he is fighting against. I’m sure that will help when he is making “his whip-smart wise cracks” while fighting.

What are your thoughts on the first trailer for Marvel’s ‘Spider-Man’? Are you looking forward to swinging through the city and taking out crime as Spidey? Share your thoughts below True Believers!

‘Spider-Man’ will be swinging into your PlayStation 4 in 2018!

Source: Marvel

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