stargate-universe-back-to-destinyStargate Universe‘ came to a close with one hell of a cliffhanger and the fate of Eli Wallace unknown but a new comic titled ‘Back To Destiny’ is going to finally show fans exactly what happened. With the series finale having dropped back in 2011, fans have been waiting for six years for an answer to what would have happened if the plug had never been pulled on the third ‘Stargate’ spinoff and that wait is almost over as the first issue is due later this month.

Not only that, but these comics are being released officially through the MGM license meaning that they will be canon to the series. Even, if the original writers and creators of the show aren’t attached even in a consultant fashion. This new comic run is penned by Mark L. Haynes and J.C. Vaughn with Giancarlo Caracuzzo handling the artwork. That being said, these are some of the same writing team which handled the ‘Stargate Atlantis‘ comic from a year back.

The new stories are set to pick up directly after the events of the season 2 finale and will work as the equivalent of a third season to the show. Things kick off with Eli racing against the clock to fix a damaged stasis pod though that isn’t the only problem on hand. A new threat has come which could ruin their carefully laid plans which would have kept the crew alive and safe.

For those who need a refresher, the crew of the Destiny finally had a way back home but would have required that they spend three years in stasis while traveling at faster-than-light speeds but one of the pods wasn’t working. It sounds like it may have been a good thing too if that means they’ll be pulled out to stop this new threat.

Source: io9

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