Fans of the CW’s DC television universe will be pleased to hear that ‘Legends of Tomorrow‘ has finally cast the main villain for the series, Vandal Savage. The time-travelling big-bad will be played by Danish actor Casper Crump, who most people in the US have probably not really heard of before, unless they happen to have watched a lot of European televison lately, including shows like ‘Park Road,’ ‘Lykke’ and ‘Tvillingerne & Julemanden.’ According to the information released, Vandal Savage himself will be introduced into the universe during the same ‘Arrow’ / ‘The Flash’ crossover event that will also introduce the character of Carter Hall (aka Hawkman). Savage is described by the people behind the show as “having spent the past 6,000 years moving like a virulent disease through history,” manipulating events and world history to fulfill his ultimate endgame of world domination. It will be up to the heroes and villains featured in ‘Legends of Tomorrow’ to work with time-traveler Rip Hunter to stop Savage’s machinations and prevent his army from taking over the world. 

In the comics, Savage was a caveman who was exposed to a strange meteorite, whose radiation increased his intelligence and gave him the gift of immortality. He claims to have been such despotic historic figures as Julius Caeser and Ghengis Khan, though in modern times he has instead worked behind the scenes to influence world events, and continue his plans for domination. He has been a long-time villain of the Justice League, appearing in recent stories like ‘Demon Knights’ and ‘Trinity of Sin: Pandora.’

Casper Crump will be playing the first live-action version of the character, a title almost taken by Dean Cain when he cameo’d on ‘Smallville’ as Dr. Curtis Knox, who the producers originally wanted to be Vandal Savage. Fans are excited as Crump does bear a remarkable resemblance to the super-villain, and they hope his acting choices, combined with his appearance, will make him one of the better villains we have seen in the CW’s DC universe.

Source: TheHollywoodReporter, CinemaBlend