Well, for everyone who started this season hoping that the CW was gearing toward a schedule that would eventually include a DC superhero show every night of the week, with ‘Supergirl’ on Monday, ‘The Flash’ on Tuesday, ‘Arrow’ on Wednesday,’ ‘Legends of Tomorrow’ on Thursday, and a potential 5th show (like maybe a pick-up of ‘Constantine’) on Friday, it seems those hopes might have just been dashed. Or at the very least, temporarily pushed to the side.

According to the latest promo for the mid-season premiere of ‘Legends of Tomorrow,’ the show is moving to 9pm on Tuesdays following ‘The Flash,’ which means Thursdays will no longer feature a DC show. And while that means Thursdays will be a lot quieter, it does leave some potential for Tuesday nights.


Along with the new promo is a synopsis for the return episode:

“LOST MEMORIES” — When Damien Darhk (guest star Neal McDonough) and Malcolm Merlyn (guest star John Barrowman) try to capture Rip Hunter (Arthur Darvill) in 1967, they create an Aberration big enough to draw the attention of the Legends.  However, when the team arrives they discover that Rip has no memories of his past due to “time drift” and is just a graduate film student.

After trying to convince Rip of who he was, they discover that he possesses an incredibly powerful artifact known as the Spear of Destiny, which the Legion of Doom is after. Ray (Brandon Routh) and Nate (Nick Zano) realize that the Aberration has also affected them personally making it difficult to help the team. Meanwhile, Rory (Dominic Purcell) asks Stein (Victor Garber) for help and makes him promise to keep it a secret from the team.

‘Legends’ has a much better survival chance by following ‘The Flash’ as ‘The Flash’ has much better ratings and they pull from the same audience, and most likely anyone watching ‘The Flash’ will at least be tempted to stick around and see what else is going on in the Arrowverse that night. Secondly, with both shows now airing back to back, there is potential for more crossovers, as the producers behind the Arrowverse could now potentially tell a 2-hour story across both episodes in 1 night if they wanted to. And with how interconnected everything is in the CW’s DC universe, that is not outside the realm of possibility.

What do you think of ‘Legends of Tomorrow’ heading to Tuesday nights? Is this the first ill omen for the show, which admittedly has never done well ratings-wise and has never been that well received critically either? Would you be surprised if ‘Legends’ was canceled by the end of the season? Share your thoughts on the matter in the comments below!

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