After the catch-up vignette issue of ‘FF’ #20, this issue begins to ramp up Jonathan Hickman’s final story arc of this title… and boy what a bang up tale it looks like it’s going to be!

As the issue opens, the Future Foundation are in space watching as the Inhumans return. The Foundation discuss what this means and how they can stop the coming war that’s sure to ensue when the Kree arrive as well. Reed Richards puts their fears at ease and informs them that there will be no war. The Inhumans and Kree have “made a deal”.

The rest of the issue jumps back and forth between present day and various points over the past several weeks. In the flashbacks, we get glimpses into the “deal” that the Inhumans have made with the Kree. Black Bolt and Medusa meet with Supremor and, in the end, Black Bolt offers Supremor something that the horrid floating head actually seems to agree to. Oh boy… this doesn’t sounds like it’s going to end well.

In the present day, the FF are meeting with the Inhumans in Attilan. After a few humorous asides (mainly with Spider-Man and Johnny Torch), the FF finally get to meet with Black Bolt. It seems that Bolt wants the Richards to help them work out the specifics of the agreement that was made with Supremor.

I won’t ruin the “deal” for you but, if you look at the cover, you’ll have a huge hint as to what it involves. You know the saying that “All’s fair in love and war”. Well this series is sure to go out in a bloody explosion of both.

Jonathan Hickman might be ending his runs on both ‘FF’ and ‘Fantastic Four’ soon but he’s left fans of Marvel’s first family with some of the best stories in their long and illustrious history. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. You want to pick this run up in trades when it’s available. It’s got everything that any reader of comics or good stories could ever want.

Final Score:


FF #21
Story by Jonathan Hickman
Art by Nick Dragotta
Cover by Mike Choi & Guru-eFX