MAJOR SPOILER ALERT!  This article contains a MAJOR SPOILER for the SEASON FINALE of ‘The Walking Dead’!  Proceed with EXTREME caution!

‘The Walking Dead’ returns for the second half of its seventh season on February 12.  This season kicked off with one of its highest rated premiers, which introduced the new Big Bad Negan, after his brief but quite memorable appearance at the end of the S6 finale.  Viewers knew that someone was definitely going to die, but few guessed how things would really play out.  (More on that in a sec.)

After the premiere episode, things slowed down quite a bit, but it appears that big things are coming.  And one of those things is the return of a deceased cast regular.

Back to that premiere, fans were shocked when Negan brutally pounded the brains (and eyeballs) out of Abraham Ford (Michael Cudlitz) and Glenn Rhee (Steven Yeun).

But now comes word that one of these two makes a return appearance in the season finale as well.

abraham_fordThe victim RUMORED to be returning is Abraham.

Of course, since both he and Glenn had their heads smashed, they never turned into walkers.  He’ll return in the flesh, although it will be in a flashback or a dream sequence.

I’m going to throw ANOTHER SPOILER ALERT here, because this next bit could be an EVEN BIGGER SPOILER:

Word has it that this dream sequence/flashback will be experienced by Sasha (Sonequa Martin-Green).  Now that in and of itself isn’t much of a spoiler.  After all, Sasha and Abraham had just begun a romantic relationship.  But as fans of the show should realize, once a secondary character suddenly gets a lot of attention, if your name isn’t Rick, Carl, Daryl or Michonne… bye.

And then there’s the fact that Martin-Green has been cast as the lead on ‘Star Trek: Discovery’.  Some actors juggle roles on multiple shows or shows/movies provided their schedules permit it.  But it’s not a good sign.

And while it may not happen every time, there tend to always be major cast casualties in the premieres and finales.  Sasha could certainly be one of them and this makes her odds a bit higher.

Place your bets?  Is Sasha going to join Abraham in that big Alexandria in the sky?  Who else do you think we might be saying goodbye to before this season ends?

Source: The Spoiling Dead Fans