Filming has been underway for the special ‘Doctor Who’ 50th anniversary episode for the past week and a half! Last week we shared some photos of David Tennant, Joanna Page and a Zygon in what seemed to be in a Victorian setting. Today, we are back in the present and have photos and videos of the recent filming in London featuring the current Doctor (Matt Smith) and his new companion Clara (Jenna-Louise Coleman).

If you don’t want to know any spoilers, then now is the time to turn back and head to the next article. While these images and videos don’t really give away any of the story, it does contain some information that those who may want to see the episode cold may want to avoid.

It’s pretty obvious that whenever ‘Doctor Who’ is on location filming, there will be crowds, and filming at Trafalgar Square was no exception. Thankfully, these crowds are filled with loyal Whovians who are also very generous to share what they saw for those who are unable to see it in person. The BBC also seems to realize there are things that you really can’t keep close to the vest, especially when filming is in broad (okay, cloudy) daylight.

Let’s start off this Trafalgar Square fliming round up with the videos released by the BBC. The first one has Strax (Dan Sharkey) giving a report to his commanders on Sontar. Besides the humorous intro from the mighty warrior, this behind the scenes clip also shows the stunt sequence of the Doctor hanging from the outside of the TARDIS with Clara inside:

This next one from the BBC is of Jenna-Louise Coleman, Jemma Redgrave and Ingrid Oliver and they film in front of the Tower of London, and you know what that means! UNIT will be part of the 50th anniversary episode! Redgrave will be returning to play Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart’s daughter, Kate Stewart, which is a wonderful nod to the late Earthbound “companion” of the Doctor’s. Also a nice nod was a replica of the 4th Doctor’s scarf around Oliver’s neck as part of character’s wardrobe:

The rest of the videos and photos are ones that were taken and posted throughout the web so enjoy the material and we’ll make sure to bring you more ‘Doctor Who’ 50th anniversary episode news as they come: