Did you know that at one point ‘Spawn‘ almost looked more like Bane than Spider-Man and that his origin was just a little different from having made a deal with the devil? Todd McFarlane has recently taken to Facebook to share a few fun details on the character after the “Director’s Cut” or ‘Spawn’ #1 comic book sold out so quickly at comic shops around the world. Not only is he giving us an “Encore Edition” for those who weren’t able to snag a copy or want every edition, but he shared what his plans were for the character before he appeared on Image Comics.

The most entertaining piece here is that instead of being from Hell we would have seen the first iteration of ‘Spawn’ be a cosmic character. Not only that, but McFarlane created him when just a kid! I honestly couldn’t imagine the current character of Spawn as being able to fit in a cosmic story line at all so would be very interested in hearing what other major changes had been made from the initial concept.

Here is one of the early looks, reasons for colors, and more on how ‘Spawn’ had initially been envisioned:

Talk about a completely different take. With how popular cosmic stories have become recently, thanks to ‘Guardians of the Galaxy,’ one almost can hope that McFarlane would do a new spin on his original iteration and still bring the character to life.

Are you happy that ‘Spawn’ ended up being from Hell or would you have been more interested in a cosmic origin for the character? How do you think that story could have played out if it had been written? Share your thoughts below!

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