the-dark-northIt isn’t every day that Dark Horse tracks down a kickstarted graphic novel and brings it to print but that is exactly what happened with Martin Dunelind’s ‘The Dark North’! The work has gone over so well from critics and fans alike that the horror icon Clive Barker has even penned an intro to the book. It is being described not as a graphic novel but as an “illustrated prose novel, Clearly” and while the words are all Dunelind’s, the artwork was created by some of “Sweden’s best illustrators!”

This book will be a co-release with Charles Wood Publishing and has “five unique tales ranging from Norse mythology to apocalyptic science fiction to fantasy. Apparently, Dunelind is running the gambit of creativity on this one.

With each tale comes unique artwork as there is a different artist that has illustrated each one. The artists you can find within are: “Peter Bergting (Baltimore: The Red Kingdom), Henrik Pettersson (concept artist on Minecraft at Mojang), Joakim Ericsson (concept artist at Starbreeze Studios), Magnus Olsson (Neotech RPG), and Lukas Thelin (Western RPG, Lone Wolf RPG).”

Robert Henrysson is one of the people behind helping get ‘The Dark North’ put together and says:

“We set out to give the world a peek into the amazing Scandinavian art of science fiction, fantasy, and horror, and when Dark Horse joined in we knew we had succeeded. We can’t wait to see the reader response!”

It both sounds and looks like we’ll be in for a real treat in this one!

Are you looking forward to Martin Dunelind’s ‘The Dark North’? Which of his various styles sounds the most interesting to read? Share your thoughts below!

You can head into ‘The Dark North’ on September 27th, 2017!

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