SPOILER ALERT! This article reveals a SPOILER that Marvel themselves have spilled regarding ‘Ant-Man,’ so if you want to remain in the dark, turn back now!

Is there any such thing as letting an audience discover all the twists and turns of a big Hollywood movie by actually watching it anymore?  Just last week, director Alan Taylor lamented the fact that a major reveal in ‘Terminator: Genisys’ was spoiled by Paramount’s ad campaign which blew this surprise in the trailers and on the movie poster.  And now, the latest ‘Ant-Man’ TV spot flashes a shocking appearance that, until now, was unsubstantiated rumor.

‘Ant-Man’ introduces theater-goers to a brand new super hero in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.  Paul Rudd plays Scott Lang, a conflicted criminal that is entrusted with a high tech suit that allows him to shrink down to ant-size for a secret mission.  His benefactor is Hank Pym (Michael Douglas), a brilliant scientist, who once employed the powers and identity himself.

In the comics, Pym as Ant-Man, was a founding Avenger, but in the movies, that team already exists and has undergone a massive roster change.  Rudd is confirmed to make an appearance in next year’s all-star ‘Captain America: Civil War.’  This leads readers to speculate how Scott Lang will fit into the Marvel Cinematic Universe and whether or not he will earn a spot in the team’s’ lineup.

Well, it looks like answers may arrive sooner than later.  With the movie set to hit theaters on July 17, Marvel is upping the promotions, including a new TV ad… which includes a quick cameo that almost no one suspected.  (And the movie has already been seen by some, and this news still hasn’t leaked in a major way.)

The commercial itself is narrated in Spanish, so it’s possible that this was only meant to be shown in foreign markets, where spoilers aren’t as heavily guarded.  (Major story points from ‘Avengers: Age of Ultron’ were spoiled on Japanese posters.)

Watch below:

Yep, Anthony Mackie pops up for a second as The Falcon, the high-flying hero that debuted in ‘Captain America: The Winter Soldier’ and reappeared in ‘AoU.’

In the comics, The Falcon has no real connection to either Ant-Man, so it’s hard to speculate as to why he would appear in the movie.  But what if he’s not alone?  It makes more sense if The Falcon was just there for the ride with some of his Avengers pals.

Are you excited that The Falcon will be in ‘Ant-Man?’  What do you think he could be doing there?  Or are you miffed that Marvel spoiled this appearance nearly two weeks early?  Comment below!

Source: The Mary Sue