‘Justice League’ is headed to cinemas this year, and fans of the budding DC Extended Universe are gearing up for the film version of the superhero team-up first teased in ‘Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice.’  Also on DC’s movie-making plate, of course, are this year’s ‘Wonder Woman’ film, which will serve as a chronological prequel to ‘Justice League,’ and the first film to be released afterwards, 2018’s ‘Aquaman.’

So, the real question right now seems to be: where and how exactly does ‘Aquaman’ land in the DCEU timeline?  The film’s executive producer, Charles Roven, tried to give a bit of an answer during a recent interview, while still trying to stay as vague as possible:

‘Aquaman’ will make reference [to ‘Justice League’]. There will be some reference of something that preceded ‘Aquaman’ that will be in ‘Aquaman.’ I believe that is the intention.

Okay, so that sounds like ‘Aquaman’ will take place chronologically after the events seen on-screen in ‘Justice League…’ right?  Well, Roven went on to give a bit more of a “winding” answer that makes it sound like ‘Aquaman’ might actually have parts in the film that jump around the DCEU timeline somewhat:

James [Wan, director of the film] definitely knows where he’s going with [‘Aquaman’], and that movie takes place in a world where ‘Justice League’ happened, and ‘Man of Steel’ happened, and ‘Wonder Woman’ obviously takes place before ‘Man of Steel’ – except for the bookends we have. So that’s where we have the most ability to freeform. We could do a movie that takes place after ‘Justice League,’ we can do a movie that takes place after ‘Batman v Superman’… well not really. You can’t do a movie in between ‘Batman v Superman’ and ‘Justice League,’ but we can do movies that take place after ‘Justice League’ and we can do movies that precede ‘Justice League.’

Clear as mud, right? From Roven’s remarks, when do you think ‘Aquaman’ takes place? Give us your speculations below!

‘Justice League’ is in US theaters on November 17, 2017; ‘Aquaman’ is currently slated for American cinematic release on December 21, 2018.

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