judge-dredd-mega-city-oneWhile poor marketing tanked ‘Dredd‘ from having any box office draw, the film found a huge following when it was released on video and now people are starting to wonder if Karl Urban might be joining the upcoming television series. While there hasn’t been any word that ‘Judge Dredd: Mega-City One‘ would be an extension of the film and seemed likely to be a reboot, that isn’t keeping fans from wanting more of Urban. The 2000 AD comic had an early attempt with Sylvester Stallone in the lead role that most have tried to forget and Urban made it quite easy to do so.

Producer Brian Jenkins recently was talking about the upcoming series on The 2000 AD Thrill-Cast, which is 2000 AD’s official podcast. While the television series is moving forward in pre-production the bad news it sounds like it is a much earlier stage than originally hinted at because:

“We have had many conversations prior to this, about all sorts of things. He’s also very busy, a full-time professional actor. So we’re going to have some long and complicated conversations I would imagine, and we’ll see where we go. It’s too early to tell yet, but if we can use him and he’s available to us, then I think that would be absolutely brilliant. There’s always a possibility he will be busy, or that his schedule for other movies won’t allow- Basically, we don’t know at this stage.”

While I would love to see Urban return for a series, this does mean that the direction of the show itself hasn’t been fully set as of yet. This will either be an ongoing follow-up to the film which fans are hoping for or an entirely new beast and a third take on the character.

Either way, if they follow in the footsteps of the last film, it should be quite enjoyable to watch.

Are you looking forward to ‘Judge Dredd: Mega-City One’? Do you feel that we’ll get to see Urban reprising his role or will this end up as another reboot? Share your thoughts below!

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