Simon Pegg

While Amazon is bringing ‘The Boys‘ to your favorite streaming device shortly, one casting choice may have felt off to long-term readers. It sounds like Simon Pegg had never been asked to be in the series which had the character of Wee Hughie based on him. While Pegg has been a fan of the book over the years, he doesn’t feel sorry about not being asked to take part here and has an excellent reason as to why that is.

His age.

Pegg is in great shape for being 48 and is always up for doing stunts; the problem is that the character of Hughie is a young adult and even for Pegg that would be a stretch to play. He looks great for his age but not quite that young.

As Pegg put it when he asked if he wasn’t happy about not getting the part, he stated:

“No, because I was never up for it. I mean, I played Hughie in the comics [as] Darick Robertson drew me as Hughie but [he’s] in his early twenties, so I was never going to play Hughie [Laughs]. I was never eligible to play Hughie. I’m really happy that Jack Quaid got the role because I think Jack’s a brilliant actor and I can’t wait to see what they do with the adaptation of it. I never expected to get the call to play Hughie just because I’m not right for the part. It’s a fantastic book, and Karl Urban is going to be great as Butcher, so it’s exciting to get to sit back and watch it. I’m very honoured I was immortalised as a comic book character as well. I never asked to be but Darick just did it for shits and giggles, and I was kind of super chuffed!”

While fans would have loved to see him in this role, I think we would have needed that to happen at least ten years ago to be feasible. With Pegg agreeing that this wasn’t the part for him anymore, he does seem excited to see how it will play out on the small screen when it is released.

Do you agree with Simon Pegg that he would have been too old to play this part in ‘The Boys’? Share your thoughts below!

Source: Comic Book Movie