ultimates-2-8Hot off his cinematic debut in ‘Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2‘ we’ll be seeing Ego the Living Planet return to comics in ‘Ultimates 2’ #8 and he has his sights set on throwing down with the Planet Eater himself – Galactus. The two have a long history together which usually had Galactus trying to devour the planet. Now, he’s back and once again out for revenge with writer Al Ewing having quite a story to tell about the entire situation. We’ve seen Ego out for revenge in the past though we have no word if his moon Alter-Ego will be joining him in this bloody fight.

Of course, the last time these two met Galactus hadn’t yet evolved into a life bringer, and Ego might have a much easier time going up against a cosmic being that no longer has a stomach to kill. While this might limit Galactus in the severity of an attack, he is still one of the most powerful beings in the cosmos. If only he wasn’t busy trying to save the multiverse and this fight will leave his attention woefully diverted from his real foe.

When talking about their shared history, Ewing states:

“They’ve hurt each other. Galactus, in particular, bolted a sidereal engine to Eternity—digging it into his living flesh, probably causing a lot of pollution—and shot him off into the depths of space. That’s not something that Ego finds easy to forgive. They’re almost destined to fight each other, on some level like you say; it’s the planet-eater versus the living planet. They’re natural enemies, like the cobra and the mongoose.

Except Galactus isn’t a planet-eater any longer.”

Expanding how Galactus has changed and what that might mean for the confrontation between these two:

“It’s going to have to. If Galactus can’t consume Ego—and presumably he’s got an ethical objection to just blowing him up, given his new catchphrase of “Everything Lives”—we’re left with a very one-sided fight. Which is bad, since Galactus might be the only thing standing between the Marvel Multiverse and the First Firmament, an ancient evil sentient cosmos looking for revenge against Eternity just for existing.”

While this is a team book, this issue won’t have Galactus rallying his heralds and pawns to his side:

“Issue #8 is a solo issue for Galactus, before we bring the team back to fight the Eternity War at long last. So he’s on his own and, as readers will have seen in issue #7, he’s not in peak condition. He’s still recovering from his treatment at the hands of Logos and the First Firmament, so it’s entirely possible Ego—who’s more powerful than ever—could take him down for good.”

Interestingly enough, Ewing speaks about a few of the possible outcomes from such a fight:

“Well, there’s everything to play for; Galactus is building forces for a war for reality itself, and if he can get Ego on board, that’s going to be a big win for him. Alternatively, if Ego bows out—or worse, joins the other side—Galactus is in serious trouble. I will say that whatever happens, readers will exit this issue very excited for the next one. The Eternity War is on, and things are ramping up at an astonishing rate.”

While no one would expect Galactus to lose and thus preventing The Eternity War before it even begins, this fight could still have dire consequences for the outcome of the multiverse.

Are you looking forward to the return of Ego the Living Planet? Do you think that his grudge will prevent him from working to save the multiverse? Share your thoughts below True Believers!

Source: Marvel

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