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The ‘Evil Dead’ franchise is enjoying a Renaissance, of sorts, these days.  After the original trio of films – that’s ‘Evil Dead,’ ‘Evil Dead 2,’ and ‘Army of Darkness’ for those of you uninitiated “screwheads” out there – continue to thrive post-release as cult favorites, the series got a facelift with a “reimagining” of sorts in the 2013 remake film ‘Evil Dead,’ which was met with great enthusiasm by horror fans.  Last year, the Starz Network premiered the first season of ‘Ash vs. Evil Dead,’ based on the original films’ storyline and lead character, the groovy chainsaw-handed Ash Williams, played with much aplomb by Bruce Campbell.

After last week’s San Diego Comic-Con and the ‘Ash vs. Evil Dead’ panel where Campbell spoke about potentially doing another ‘Evil Dead’ film, Den of Geek interviewed Fede Alvarez, director of the ‘Evil Dead’ remake film, about the possibility of his film’s story continuing – or possibly even connecting with the “original” universe of characters.  What Alvarez had to say was intriguing, to say the least – read a good chunk of his response and think of the possibilities!

“I’m really good friends with Sam [Raimi] and Rob [Tapert] and Bruce [Campbell] – we always chat, and we really became friends after ‘Evil Dead,’ so casually, the conversation always comes and goes: ‘like what about that “Evil Dead 2?”’ is a question we always throw around.

“My pitch for it was ‘let’s combine the two worlds and have Jane from my film being fighting demons back-to-back with Bruce’ and trying to tell that story, but the tone is the key. What would be the tone? Because Bruce represents a more slapstick ‘Evil Dead’ from ‘Evil Dead 2,’ and my film is more faithful to the first ‘Evil Dead’ where they weren’t trying to be funny at any level, though some people believe they were. I know them pretty well, and they weren’t trying to be funny at any level, they were just being over-the-top. Trying to find a tone is key to [any potential new crossover] movie. Now that Bruce is back in a way – because suddenly, his show is going to a third season, and people know about him, and the newer generation knows why he’s so cool, and he’s the character that he is – now might be the time to try that.”

“That’s what I love about ‘Evil Dead’ – every movie is completely different from the previous one. [But] it’s really not up to me. I’d be completely game to figure something out with them, and it’s always a conversation. We haven’t closed that door at all.”

Source: Den of Geek

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