Last week NBC canceled ‘Timeless,’ and due to some actual time travel, or fan outrage, the show has been uncancelled for at least one more season. Shortly after this cancellation, the show’s creator Eric Kripke said he was “trying to find another home,” but it looks as if he didn’t actually have to look for one. NBC ended up listening to fans, and the show will come back for a second season. That being said, if a cancellation happened, that means ratings aren’t doing that well and will really have to pick up to not end up having the same fate after the show’s sophomore run.

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The outrage went from fans everywhere even to celebrities like Leslie Jones calling out the network about their decision:

William Shatner also retweeted many who were talking about the cancellation but started off with:

We learned from Kripke himself that the show was returning at some point next year when he tweeted:

He also took a moment to thank the fans by saying:

For throwing in support for the series, co-creator Shawn Ryan offered Jones a spot ont he show:

With Kripke offering one to Shatner:

The second season will clock in at 10-episodes and really needs the ratings to continue onto a third. There is no word as to if they’ll be operating on a lower budget, but it could be a smart move to raise the chances of a third season pickup.

Are you happy to hear that ‘Timeless’ will be returning for a second outing? Do you think we’ll make it to a third? Share your thoughts below!

Source: E News

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