Welcome back my darling Faenatics! Last week – Kenzi found the brownie of her dreams then lost him to a Baku. Bo saved an entire building full of senior citizens from a Dark Fae doorman and his crazy eyed preggers Mare wife. And there was shirtless Dyson.

Here there be SPOILERS….

This week we start things off in the Dal! Bo’s handling the whole Dyson not being hers thing rather well. But Hale starts Bo’s slow downward spiral with a well-placed, “I’m good but I swear he could charm his way into the Queen mum’s panties!” So the gals take their party back to the succu-mansion and proceed to get totally shnockered. Many MANY shots later the talk turns to cursing Dyson’s wolf wang and all the waitresses that were drawn to it. But I’m with Bo on this one – they can’t hurt Dyson. He made the greatest sacrifice for her! Leave it to Kenzi to take it further. She wants to call on Baba Yaga (I just love how Kenz says her name Baba Yaga – rut roh – If I type her name one more time does that invoke her curse?! Crap! I have to talk about her at least 20 more times! There are going to be some seriously cursed men from my past out there!) Baba Yaga is the old witch from Russian legend. You get a mirror, say her name three times then say the name of the one you want to curse. Bo, “NO baby yoda!” With all the hurt of a girl that’s lost her true love, Bo heads off to bed. Kenzi, on the other hand, stumbles into the bathroom to have a little one-side chat with Baba Yaga through the mirror.

Bo wakes the next morning to find the bathroom mirror shattered. Both gals are rockin one helluva hang over. Neither can remember much from the night before – specifically how Bo got an itchy brand on her side. Kenzi, “tramp stamps are SO 2005.”

At the police station – Dyson tries to keep his witness from getting cold feet. Hale, “I must admit, you could talk a nun into a three way.” Dyson, “aaahh the crusades, good times.” (uh Dyson, your dog is showing.)

If you want to know about something Fae-like you head to the Trick-opedia. Definitely not a tattoo and definitely mystical. It’s an initial. Bo’s been marked by Baba Yaga.

Things are not going well for Dyson down at police headquarters. Seems all the ladies want to take a piece out of him, literally! They not only dislike him, they all try to attack him. Looks like Baba Yaga’s curse is working. Even the waitresses down at the Dal turn on him. It takes Bo doing a little succu-petting to calm one down so she doesn’t kill him. Dyson has the same mark as Bo. Dyson is seriously pissed that Bo and Kenzi would be so childish as to put a curse on him.

Kenzi’s got to make this right so she takes Bo to see her old Auntie, the fortune teller. She’s the only one Kenzi can think of that would know anything about Baba Yaga. Her aunt laughs when they try to tell her the old witch is real. She thinks she can call forth Baba Yaga so Kenzi can end the curse. When Old Lady Yaga arrives she agrees to remove the curse if Bo becomes her servant. As the witch begins to suck Bo into the mirror, Kenzi jumps to the rescue – or in the way.

Kenzi wakes to find herself in a Hansel and Gretel nightmare house fully equipped with cages of young girls. The girls tell Kenzi to be quiet or she’ll anger Baba Yaga – you don’t want to see Baba Yaga angry. (This is not like the other side of Alice’s looking glass – unless you count American McGee’s Alice.) Kenzi agrees to be quiet and help these poor frightened girls prepare a feast. Elena befriends Kenz and fills her in on the situation. They’re all from different eras and all the girls made curses. This was the price they had to pay – rapped forever to serve the witch until they can pull the purple marble. After peeling way too many potatoes (I can’t believe Kenzi is peeling potatoes) she tries a door, only to be chased away by a man beast. Beyond him she can make out a chest. Only good things can be hidden in a chest guarded by a man beast.

Out in the real world – Bo is frantically trying to find a way into Baba Yaga’s world. Kenzi’s aunt can’t help her so she tries Trick. He can’t help her either but he knows someone that might. Bo’s gotta go eat crow and ask Lachlan for help. She agrees to freelance for him if he can get her into Baba Yaga’s world. With a wicked grin, he agrees.

Kenzi learns about the marble first hand when Baba Yaga pays a visit. Elena is the (un)fortunate one this time. Sure she gets to leave – by way of the oven! Kenzi is stunned into a sad silence. She really liked Elena. As it happens in Grimm fairy tales, Baba Yaga eats poor Elena in front of Kenzi and the other girls. She tosses the bones to the man beast but it still won’t obey her. Kenzi sees an opportunity. She tells Baba Yaga that she can train the beast to listen. Kenzi gets two hours. In order to do it Kenzi needs a random list of objects.

Outside – Bo and Dyson visit a water nymph. She says she can get Bo to Baba Yaga’s but it won’t be easy.

After a bit of Elena bone bribery, Kenzi gets past the creature and finds a mirror. Jackpot! Except it doesn’t work to get Kenzi home.

At the succu-mansion – Bo’s going to have to get wet and very very cold. In a nutshell, Dyson has to drown Bo in a tub full of ice water.  I don’t know what hurts worse the idea of Bo possibly dying or the pained look on Dyson’s face that he has to be the one to do it! In the end it works. Bo crosses over to find a much relieved Kenzi. Entering without an invitation brings the full wrath of Baba Yaga and they get to see just how powerful the old bird can be. Bo is knocked out quickly. Kenzi pulls the ace up her sleeve and shows Baba Yaga the mirror. The old crone pleads with Kenzi not to break it. Baba promises that Kenzi and Bo can return if Kenzi turns over the mirror. All Kenzi has to do is look into the mirror and think of home. The other girls, however, are not part of the bargain. In a fit of genius, Kenzi smashes the mirror into pieces and quickly hands each piece to a girl. Unfortunately there are no pieces for Kenzi nor Bo.

Outside – Dyson feels no pulse so pulls Bo from the water. He desperately tries to revive her. 

In Baba Yagaland – Kenzi faces Baba Yaga with a warrior’s grace. She’s content with freeing all the other girls. In the excitement the creature breaks loose and attacks Baba Yaga. With a surefooted side step, Kenzi steps out of the way as the other two fall head first into the oven.  Upon Baba Yaga’s death Kenzi wakes in the ice filled tub and finds Dyson still trying to resuscitate Bo. Bo’s succubus instincts kick in to suck a bit of chi from Dyson to recover. All is finally well in the succu-mansion.

Stay Fae y’all!

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