deadpool-32-hydraWe all know that Deadpool has had a huge hard on for doing anything that Steve Rogers asks him and at the end of both ‘Deadpool‘ #31 and ‘Uncanny Avengers‘ #23, we saw Captain America looking to recruit Wade Wilson to Hydra. So the big question is, will the Merc with the Mouth be joining Cap’s “Secret Empire” or will he turn on his hero and be on the side of angels? Writer Gerry Duggan has taken the time to share a little bit about what we can see our favorite fourth wall breaker decide to do though don’t expect an outright spoiler of what we’ll be reading.

Duggan is playing his cards pretty choice to his chest. Which isn’t to say that you won’t be getting any juicy details, just no spoilers my fellow True Believers. The writer shares that we’ve been seeing for quite some time now that Wade’s “moral compass definitely spins sometimes and he uses Steve as his true North. I think they’d both agree that he is at his best under the guidance of Captain America. That may not be the case forever, but right now he has no reason not to trust Captain America.”

With Rogers no longer being the hero that we’ve known though, it will be interesting to see how long Wade will blindly follow him and what he’ll do while he does.

Clearly, though Wade will initially be following Rogers:

“He understood there would be good days and bad, recently there have just been more bad, but he hasn’t realized that he bet on the wrong horse. When Captain America says jump you don’t even ask how high, you just jump.”

One bonus here is that we might see Deadpool’s bestie Hydra Bob showing up again. For once, the two will not only be on the same side but the same team as well.

One key thing though that we’ve learned is that this isn’t going to just be a one shot for Deadpool. There are going to be enormous consequences for the character after “Secret Empire” comes to a close:

“The country is changing. Captain America is changing. We’re using the opportunity to change Wade’s life in a very big way. You’re going to have to retitle the book.”

With the book being titled after Deadpool it makes you wonder what kind of change is going to happen to Wade in that will require a book change Is he so disgusted with his actions that he takes a new name? Does he embrace his dark side or is changed by external factors to become someone else with the same result? Will he hang up his guns at long last to be the father he wants to be? It is hard to tell what route they’re going to be going here but it looks like it’ll be a significant change in the status quo.

How far into Hydra do you think Deadpool is going to go during the “Secret Empire”? Do you think he’ll come out the other side a changed man? Share your thoughts below True Believers!

We’ll find out if Wade Wilson joins Cap’s cause in ‘Deadpool’ #32 which will be in comic shops everywhere on June 14th, 2017!

Source: Marvel

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