Supernatural Theres Something About Mary

Well, we now know what that something is about Mary.

The oh so smug Lady Antonia drops the bad news on Mary.
The oh so smug Lady Antonia drops the bad news on Mary.

In last week’s Supernatural, Mary Winchester discovered that those British Men of Letters (BMoL) arses were up to no good. Before she was able to get word to Sam and Dean, even though she could have dropped more than a “we’re in trouble” on that voicemail, Ketch subdued her while we were also re-introduced to Lady Antonia. Toss in what I’d call an idiotic plan/ideology to kill the American hunters along with a bit of Manchurian Candidate and you have “There’s Something about Mary”.

First off, this is one of those episodes where it doesn’t seem like much happens…until you look back and realize—holy crap!—there was some movin’ and shakin’ going on. Things start out on a depressing note when Eileen Leahy is mauled by a hellhound being controlled by Mr. Ketch. The Winchesters get the news in the middle of their search for Mary and, after a few more hunter deaths come in along with Eileen’s posthumous letter of BMoL agents following her, they put the pieces together. After picking out the bug planted at the Bunker, they go about setting a trap, one which Lady Antonia falls right into. She’s more than forthcoming about what’s going down and, again, I must say, for an organization of intelligent folks, BMoL are full of “idgits”. Why in the world would you eliminate people fighting the same damn fight that you are just because they aren’t falling in line with you? It’s a waste of time and resources, and we all know this type of action always comes back to bite the baddie in the backside. And that was before they messed with Mary’s mind. Both Mr. Ketch and Dr. Hess are going to have a hard time because that bill they’re charging out right now…it’ll be coming due soon.

One interesting tidbit with BMoL is Dr. Hess’s arrangement with Crowley. Based on their conversation, the pair has a relationship that goes back some time. The most interesting aspect of their talk is how Crowley’s sentiment for the good doctor turn when she lets him know where the Winchesters stand in this American hunter cleanse of hers. His new desire to eliminate her, while in line with a demon’s mercurial temperament, I have to believe it has more to do with his affinity for Sam and Dean than an affront at her telling him how things are going to go. Of course, Crowley has his own issues, with a capital L.

Lucifer's cat with the canary face after learning that he's got the power.
Lucifer’s cat with the canary face after learning that he’s got the power.

Thanks to Drexel and those loyal to the Morningstar, the metaphysical shackles Crowley had placed on Lucifer’s vessel was reversed. The true King of Hell spends only a bit of time tormenting Crowley before delivering the coup de grace with an angel blade…and this is where I had to shake my head. Every supernatural creature killed by an angel blade releases some sort of discharge. Add to the fact that Crowley is a pretty powerful demon and it should have been obvious that he had transferred his essence from his vessel before the killing blow arrived. As it is, Lucifer basks in the glory of his freedom while Crowley, like all sneaky rodents, waits in the shadows for his chance to…? Therein lies the question: once he returns to his body, what will Crowley do next?

But Crowley’s next actions aren’t the biggest or more pressing as we await next week’s finale. Sam and Dean, with Lady Antonia in tow, are ambushed at the Bunker by Ketch. They have a short-lived victory until Mary shows up on the Ketch’s side, locking both them and Antonia in the Bunker. The Bunker that’s losing air and has no water supply. The unlikely allies have two days’ worth of air to figure out a way to escape their prison.

Oh, and Lucifer’s sprog is on the way…

Supernatural: “There’s Something about Mary”