Aside from many spoilerly promos for ‘Arrow,‘ the CW has also decided to release some clips from ‘The Flash’ to tease its return on January 24th, knowing that fans are hungry to see how the show is going to carry on now that Barry has glimpsed the future where Iris has been killed by Savitar, and also now that Wally has been officially given a costume and is going to be allowed to go out on missions with Barry.

The clip is from the first episode back, titled ‘Borrowing Problems from the Future’ and features Wally and Barry as they return to Star Labs following a successful mission, where apparently Wally stepped up his game and saved Barry’s life, and is being congratulated by other members of the team. Barry however, is not too happy with Wally’s performance, as you can tell from the following quote:

“Wally, what was that. You’re supposed to be shadowing me. Observe and learn, that’s it. That’s it! I’m sorry, Wally, but if you can’t learn to follow orders, this deal between us, it’s over.”

Even if he saved Barry’s life, it is clear Barry is becoming a little over-protective of his family, especially Wally and Iris, both of whom he has now seen die thanks to time-travel. The clip also lets us know that H.G. has finally managed to turn Star Labs into that museum he had been talking about, which makes me wonder how smart it really is to be allowing the public into the Star Labs facilities, especially when they still occasionally hold super villains in containment in the basement, and have so much hero tech there. I’m sure it’ll all come to a head eventually, until then, check out the clip and make sure to give your own thoughts on what is ahead for Barry and company in the comments below!

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