After we saw Dexter killing one of his serial killer idols last week, and seeing the beginning of the Four Horsemen and the Doomsday killer, what can we expect to see this episode? From previews, it looks like we’ll get to see more of the Four Horsemen, Travis and Professor Gellar and hopefully more of Brother Sam.

The episode starts out at a Baptism that Brother Sam is performing, and he is introduced to Harrison. Dexter gets called away for work, and he is introduced to the Four Horsemen. The new detective, Mike Anderson, deduces that it is the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, and the name Doomsday killer is born. The Four Horsemen is a part of the Book of Revelation in the Bible. They discover that the body parts sewn on the the mannequin parts are all from one victim. This body has the same kill wound as the Fruit Vendor. While Dexter is going over the body he finds a piece of paper that says 1242 in the eye of the victim. Thinking about it, he goes over the body of the Fruit Vendor, finding nothing. He then went through the intestines and found a slip of paper that said 1237. Dexter gets a phone call that Harrison is sick, but it was nothing to worry about. Investigating the body further, they realize that it is the same kill wound, from an antique piece, probably an iron sword.

LaGuerta continues to try and rule over Deb at her job, but Deb continues to fight back. Masuka and Ryann continue to flirt, until an unidentified caller calls and asks if the listing on a bidding site for the Ice Truck Killer’s mannequin hand is real. Masuka, realizing what Ryann did, tells her to leave. In the briefing, Dexter agrees with Mike in his theory that its someone going off of the Book of Revelation. He realizes that the numbers are 5 numbers apart, and the two murders were 5 days part. They believe the Doomsday killer is counting down to the end of the world.

In a diner, Professor Gellar and Travis talk about the fear they are causing. Professor Gellar begins talking about the power of fear, but gets annoyed with Travis for staring at the pretty waitress. Travis asks for his permission to take Erin out on a date, and he is disappointed. He says that he was given free will, as long as he can accept the consequences. During the date, it is revealed that Travis’ parents died when he was 14 in a car wreck, and he was mainly raised by his sister, which shows the closeness that they had when Travis visited her in a previous episode. Travis and the waitress have sex, and while that is going on, Professor Gellar watches from behind the door. The next day, the waitress is tied up in the kitchen, for being defiled by Travis. Travis begs for her to be let go, but Gellar says she is a part of God’s plan now.

Harrison starts running a fever, and he is rushed to the hospital. It turns out his appendix has ruptured. Dexter is doing research on the complications that could happen from a surgery like that on a 2 year old when Brother Sam calls. Dexter explains where he is and hangs up. Later, Brother Sam comes in to comfort Dexter. We get a little back story on Brother Sam here, and his father. His father was commonly known as Mister, a popular guy in the neighborhood. One night Sam asked what he did for a living, and he told him to get into the car. They pulled up in front of a house and Mister told Sam to go ring the doorbell. Sam, doing as he was told did so, and when a man opened the door, Mister shot him in the head, picked up Sam, and they drove away like nothing happened. This is when Brother Sam had turned to a life of crime, before finding God in prison. Dexter leaves to get coffee after the tense conversation, and the coffee dispenser malfunctions. Dexter prays that Harrison will be okay, and the coffee machine works again. Harrison makes it through surgery with flying colors, and Dexter says “Thank God” which takes Brother Sam by surprise, and makes him a little happy.

Mike, Quinn and Angel go to Deb about the Doomsday killer. Mike found a lead through a website that Professor Gellar runs, it turns out he has been missing for 3 years. He becomes the number one suspect, and they call a search for him. While this is going on, Harry and Dexter discuss the power of prayer, and the possibility of an second person aiding in the Doomsdsay killings. There is a call that there is another crime scene with the Alpha and Omega signs.

When Dexter arrives, Masuka is going through the crime scene. The Alpha and Omega signs are made with fish. Dexter notices a trail of blood, and follows it to an area outside of the crime scene in a shed. There, they find the waitress strung up by her neck, with trip wires. Unfortunately before Deb can stop them one of the cops walk into the trip wire, which triggers the mechanism that cuts the woman’s jugular, and brings angel wings up, looking like a falling angel. There then is a buzzing noise, which Dexter follows to a cabinet. When opened, a swarm of locusts fly out. Dexter follows the locusts out of the shed, and sees Travis for the first time, staring in awe of what was created. Dexter targets him as someone who is a part of the murders.

This weeks episode was definitely more fast paced and story moving then last weeks, and I really enjoyed getting more of Brother Sam’s background. I think I will come to like Mike Anderson, I like that he seems on the ball. So far this season is much more compelling and interesting to me than Season 5, but I think after Season 4 and the Trinity Killer anything was going to be a difficult follow up.

Do you have a favorite season? What do you think of Season 6 so far? What do you think of Travis and Professor Gellar? Do you like Brother Sam’s role in Dexter’s life?

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