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UPDATE: Looks like the sources were wrong as writer Rhett Reese took to Twitter to refute the rumor.

The original story is below…

We’ve been hearing for awhile now that ‘Deadpool 2‘ would be helping kick off ‘X-Force‘ with the introduction of Cable and Domino and now it looks like three other members of the team will be joining the cast! Now, these three won’t have large roles as it looks as if they will be shown in a post-credits tag scene but actually seeing them will be better than just a tease that they are coming as they did with Cable years before Josh Brolin was even thought about for the part.

So who will we see in the first live-action take on ‘X-Force’? Thre three mutants in question are Sunspot, Feral, and Shatterstar.

deadpool-2-sunspotWhile Sunspot was previously played by Adan Canto in ‘X2: X-Men United’ and ‘X-Men: Days of Future Past’ he never had a significant role, and it is unknown if he’ll be recast for the series going forward. In the comics, Sunspot’s real name is Roberto DaCosta and not only is he a genius but his mutant ability is to be able to absorb light which cloaks him in darkness and gives him massive levels of strength. Sunspot hasn’t been a member of X-Force for quite some time and in recent years has actually taken over and reformed A.I.M. which has become the government owned and operated US Avengers. He was a member of ‘X-Force’ for years though so I suspect we’ll be seeing him on the team for quite some time to come.

deadpool-2-shatterstarNext up is Shatterstar who in the comics is the time-displaced son of Dazzler and Longshot. With Cable being from the future they could still keep this piece of his origin in place though I don’t think they’ll take the time to include that he is actually responsible for the creation of his own father thanks to said time travel. He has hollow bones leaving him extremely light and was partially responsible for the establishment of X-Force. He also has a healing factor, heightened senses, speed and ability that can dodge weapons shot at him at near point-blank range, and can generate shockwaves. He also has a limited ability to teleport.

deadpool-2-feralFinally, we’ve got Feral, or Maria Callasantos, she is cat-like in appearance and has a healing factor, claws, a tail, and heightened agility and senses. Think of her as a lower-grade mix between Wolverine and Sabertooth. Cable is responsible for her training and helped teach her to be a master and hand-to-hand combat. Even with the R-Rating from the film, I suspect her outfit would be quite so revealing when it does debut. It’s not the most practical of costumes that one could have, even if they have a healing factor.

It sounds like these three will be joining Cable, Domino, Deadpool, and likely Colossus when X-Force eventually forms for their own feature film.

Are you looking forward to this introduction in the post-credit scene? Do you think that we’ll get another scene as well? Share your thoughts below True Believers!

Source: Comic Book

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