With Roberto Orci being out of the director’s chair for ‘Star Trek 3,’ the studio is going to need a replacement soon and Jonathan Frakes has thrown his name into the mix. That’s right, William Riker himself has stepped up to the plate and has already had at least one conversation with Producer J. J. Abrams about taking on the film. That isn’t to say he’s the only name on the list or even on the short list but at least we now know that he is interested.

Frakes had the role of Riker from 1987 to 1994 throughout the ‘Star Trek: The Next Generation‘ franchise and not only briefly has held the Captain’s chair a few times but is also no stranger to the director’s chair on Trek films as he was responsible for both ‘Star Trek: First Contact’ and ‘Star Trek: Insurrection.’

In a recent interview when he was asked about the film his first response was “Hashtag, BringInRiker! I’m all over it. I’m all over it.”

“#BringInRiker!” indeed!

He has already spoken with Abrams and has said that “I would love that job” Where as many directors won’t be too outgoing on what they want Frakes is very direct with “I say, unabashedly, I’d be great at it and would love to do it.”

He followed that up with “I’m trying to keep the lid on how excited I am about the possibility, knowing it’s such a long shot. But there’s nothing I would like better.”

If the rumors of William Shatner being in the next film still find a way to prove to be true and Leonard Nimoy makes another appearance as Spock it would be an added bonus that at the very least Frakes has worked with the two previously.

With Frakes intimate knowledge of the ‘Star Trek’ Universe and having been steadily directing for years now, all I have to say to Paramount Pictures is “Make it so!”

Source: Komo News