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World War Z 2,’ the intriguing-yet-ill-named sequel to the 2013 Brad Pitt film, appears to soon be back on Paramount’s release calendar, with David Fincher attached to direct, according to sources.

Nothing has been confirmed yet, but these moves seem to be the priority for new Paramount chairman/CEO Jim Gianopulos.  The new man-in-charge is reportedly making this sequel one of his top priorities as his first official moves, and the sources go on to say that the film will likely get a green-light to begin production in early 2018.

Pitt, who also has a vested ownership in Plan B Entertainment (the production company that brought the ‘World War Z’ film to life), has been courting Fincher to take on directorial duties for the film.  Even though Fincher tends to shy away from sequels after the bad taste left in his mouth from working on ‘Alien 3,’ the two have worked together extensively in the past, so this could be a natural fit.  Previously, Fincher has directed three different movies that Pitt starred in: ‘Seven,’ ‘Fight Club,’ and ‘The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.’  Since all three have been fairly high-profile and largely profitable, the pieces would certainly seem to be in place for a reunion.

The ‘World War Z’ film was based on the 2006 novel of the same name, written by Max Brooks (son of the great actor/director Mel Brooks).  The novel’s narrative is a collection of fictional accounts following a worldwide concentrated effort to fight back against an outbreak of a zombie virus.  While the movie took liberties with characterization and narrative changes, the overall tone of both properties is fairly serious and grounded in “reality.”

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