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As quickly as it seemed to sneak up on us, this year’s C2E2 came and went just as fast. But if you’re still having some con withdrawals (even if you may or may not be suffering through con fatigue or con plague), then we have one last cosplay gallery from this past weekend’s festivities to hold you over until the next one.

Sunday means Kid’s Day at C2E2, but the little ones weren’t the only ones filing into the hallowed halls of McCormick Place sporting solid costumes. Both the young and young at heart were well represented at the con as many Disney princesses, mystery solvers, crime fighters, and even Eggo-loving experiments were found walking around the show floor. Although, a few personal standouts included the duo of Moana and Te Fiti, Powerline from ‘A Goofy Movie’, Brodie Bruce from Kevin Smith’s ‘Mallrats’, and John Leguizamo’s Luigi Mario from the 1993 live-action adaptation of ‘Super Mario Bros.’ that is just so hilariously bad that it’s good. You can check out these costumes and more in the gallery below:

What do you think about the final cosplay gallery from C2E2 2017? What were some of your favorites out of these and the costumes seen on days one and two? Have you been inspired to create some cosplays of your own for the next con that you attend? Let us know in the comments!

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