Friday at San Diego Comic Con, the ‘Fear the Walking Dead‘ panel capitalized on the show’s resurgence in popularity after a strong first half of its second season (this “splitting seasons into two halves around Summer” move is one that is largely despised by me, and probably other people too – but I digress).  The cast took over Hall H to chat about the show, as well as reveal the trailer for the upcoming episodes for the show’s return on August 21st.

While a replica of the “Abigail” yacht was parked in a nearby harbor where fans could go to see some zombies and watch featurettes about the show, the world premiere of the new trailer was taking place inside the hallowed halls of geekdom.  Take a peek at the undead madness that awaits:

It’s clear that the show is taking an approach similar to that which “big brother” show ‘The Walking Dead’ has done in the past: fracturing the core group and allowing them to have their separate and unique experiences and challenges.  After what many fans called a sluggish start to the first season – in all fairness, however, FtWD had to go so in order to show the early days of the outbreak, something TWD never had to deal directly with – the first seven episodes of season 2 have been met with much more fan acclaim.

‘Fear the Walking Dead’ returns to AMC on Sunday, August 21 at 9:00pm EDT.

Source: THR

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