There is a new documentary coming out titled ‘Batman & Bill’ which is going to explain one of the mysterious origins of Bruce Wayne that most people don’t know about. While many people can name Bob Kane as the creator of ‘Batman’ not many can list off Bill Finger as the co-creator and a new documentary coming to Hulu is set to focus on this writer who has mostly lived in the shadows of his creation. For the longest time, DC and Kane wouldn’t even admit to his hand in the creation of everything from “concept to costume.”

The documentary isn’t just going to look at Finger’s link to Batman but many of the other residents of Gotham City which he had a hand in writing. Specifically, he helped craft some of the more iconic pieces of Batman’s backstory including the Batmobile and Batcave as well as characters such as The Joker and Robin.

As a nice little bonus, the documentary has included Kevin Smith for part of the commentary who of course has quite a bit of knowledge in most things related to the Dark Knight.

You can check out the trailer here:

Everyone thinks that Bob Kane created Batman, but that’s not the whole truth. One author makes it his crusade to seek justice for Bill Finger, a struggling writer who was the key figure in creating the iconic superhero, from concept to costume to the very character we all know and love. Bruce Wayne may be Batman’s secret identity, but his creator was always a true mystery.

Sadly Finger passed away in 1974 and wasn’t able to see his legacy revealed to the public as it wasn’t until 2014 that DC acknowledged him as the co-creator of Batman. Hulu specifically refers to him as “the most mysterious man in Gotham City wasn’t in a mask and cape” and as so few still know who he is that is a pretty accurate statement.

Are you looking forward to finding out more about Bill Finger? Do you wish that he had been able to receive credit for his co-creation before his death? Share your thoughts below!

You can stream ‘Batman & Bill’ on Hulu this coming May 6th, 2017!

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