Aidan’s former wife is now a Buffy-esque vampire slayer, Josh is doing some serious workouts to control the inner beast and Sally’s on the hunt to find out what happened to ‘lil Smokie’ in this week’s ‘Being Human’.

Aidan reintroduces Kenny to his friends

It’s a typical morning in the household of supernatural peeps with Josh getting his workout on and Nora telling her attention span deficient hubby to be mindful of any triggers that fuel his beastly desires. Sally interrupts and asks for help researching lil Smokie but Nora can’t. Upstairs, Aidan’s having another wickedly vivid dream, this time of a turned Kat when Kenny cuts into the dreamy goodness to tell Aidan that the Buffy the vampire slayer has struck once again and, according to Kenny’s sources, Aidan’s next on her hit list. Though not worried about it (since he knows it’s Susanna), Aidan reintroduces his child to Nora and Josh. The two werewolves are less than enthused by Kenny’s presence though Aidan makes quite a few valid points on forgiveness and second chances. “There’s gotta be room for human error,” he pleads to Josh and though the werewolf is not very accepting, Nora is much more understanding. Josh vacates the house, needing to “jog it out”.

With Nora unable to assist her, Sally pops in on Zoe, who’s far from being Sally’s biggest plan. Despite her resentment of the carnage Sally’s caused, Zoe does some research on the house; it was owned by the Benson family in the 70’s and they had a daughter named Beatrice. She also finds that they moved to Brookline. Looks like it’s time for a friendly road trip.

On his jog, Josh runs into Caroline, a scared and pregnant wolf. She tells him about her desperate attempts (and failures) to get pregnant and how she, her husband Andrew, and others were attacked several months ago during a camping trip. The pregnancy issue became a thing of the past though, despite her looking 8 months with child, she’s only three months preggo, hence her palpable fear. Josh suggests she come to the hospital to see Nora to, at the very least get an ultrasound. The couple takes the help offered and despite Nora’s reticence to assist, she’s does what she can, using the ultrasound to examine the baby, one who’s kicking away in its mommy’s tummy and, based on the screen, is sporting a set of baby wolf claws. After being roughed up a bit by Josh and fueled by Caroline’s pain, Andrew gets his wife the heck up out of there, demanding Josh and Nora stay away from them. Talk about a serious lack of gratitude!

Aidan’s on his way out the door when Kat pays him a visit. Looks like they were scheduled to plan some good old vacation time together but he promises they’ll do it later. He has business to attend to with his former wife. He confronts Susanna about her vampire dusting behavior and she has zero regret on taking out vamps before they kill others. He’s a semi-champion to their cause, pointing out that they at least deserve a chance to make it the right way but her position is clear and gives Aidan an ‘it’s them or it’s me’ ultimatum.

Zoe reluctantly helps Sally search for ‘Lil Smokie’

The ghostly road trip to Brookline ends up with Sally and Zoe meeting the girl in the photo, Beatrice, who has a daughter that looks like a lil smokie doppleganger. Their conversation offers nothing in the way of clues as to what Sally’s been seeing and, after seeing lil Smokie Jr. watching them from the window, she’s convinced the family’s hiding something. Zoe makes the point that most people don’t share everything with total strangers and ghostly Sally’s an exception to that particular human behavior.

It seems like this week Aidan gets nothing but ultimatums when, during he and Kat’s trip planning, she realizes that he’s not all there and tells him that he’s either in or out. Her words spark him to action: he asks Nora to memorize info about him as a sort of ‘witness’ that he has a past. Speaking of past, he knows it’s time to cut ties with Susanna and gives Kenny the 411 on her (though it’s not the absolute truth). He pays Susanna a visit, giving her fair warning that she needs to get out of town. She capitulates but not before challenging his current fantasy of having a real, human life. She knows he’s in love with Kat but also cautions him that things won’t end well…they can’t. “If you really love this girl,” she tells him “the best thing you can do is break up with her…now.”

Back from her trip with Zoe, Sally’s bouncing things off the perpetually exercising Josh, including her quantum travels when Andrew and Caroline come a’knocking. Looks like her water’s broken and they’ve nowhere else to go. The home delivery special is on the way. While Josh and Nora ready their home for a new baby werewolf to come into the world, Sally tries convincing Zoe to help and realizes the ghost whisperer has a new girlfriend. She tries to glean information on Zoe’s new paramour but the latter is only  willing to share her believe that Sally ruins everything she touches. It’s a blow to Sally’s confidence and she goes to Aidan and questions just how toxic she really is to others. “You do the best you can with what you have,” he tells her as they listen to Caroline’s cries upstairs. He wants her to understand they all make mistakes and “all that you can do, all that we can ever do, is make it right the next time.”

Upstairs and in the hall, Andrew shares the turning incident with Josh. Several of them were turned during the camping trip and one of them—Heather—died during childbirth in a situation very similar to the one he and Caroline face. His question regarding Josh’s current state is interrupted when Nora calls the two men in for the birthing climax. Caroline delivers a hairy wolf-ish little girl who morphs into a normal hairless newborn after feeding from her mama’s teat. A job well done, Josh and Nora relax on the couch, passing jokes on the labor it would be to raise a werewolf child but behind their fun banter is a longing for a child of their own and remembrance of the one they miscarried.

Fueled by his words to Sally and Susanna’s final warning, Aidan makes the decision to tell Kat the truth. After a stilted beginning, he tells Kat “I have been alive for over 200 years because I am a vampire.” The gravity of the situation is a blow that…makes her laugh? I’m pretty sure he didn’t see that response coming…

Oh, and did I mention the picture of Beatrice as a little girl had a very similar ‘lil Smoke’ staring longingly out the window? Yeah, that little nugget wasn’t in the picture Sally and Zoe found in the papers…

Human Desires

  • The backbone of ‘Being Human’ lies in the supernatural cast wanting the normal life of most people. Aidan, more than anyone, has pushed for this throughout his 200 plus years walking the earth. Susanna tells him it’s no more than an act, an unsustainable one that is fleeting and leaves chaos in its wake. But as with anything, you have to try. Who knows what will happen if you truly give yourself a chance to succeed. He knows that, to succeed, he cannot hide the truth of what he is with Kat, a woman he wants to spend some of his years with.
  • Speaking of building a new life, the newlywed couple brings a newbie werewolf into the world and, despite their casual jokes on how difficult things would be raising such a child, there’s a natural longing in their eyes, a testament to them wanting a family of their own but all to skittish after Nora’s miscarriage and genuine craziness of their current life.
  • Mistakes and forgiveness are a part of the human experience and Aidan uses this truth to represent Kenny when he reintroduces his son to Nora and Josh. Aidan’s words encompass their lives as supernatural beings more than most. They are not always in control and Nora gets this more than Josh, no doubt recalling her time running wild with pure bloods Bryn and Connor. It’s not always easy to forgive but we have to remember—as Nora does—we all have those moments where we lose control and others are affected by our actions. Can we not, with time, learn to forgive them?