Here’s a short-but-sweet update from the creative team behind the upcoming series ‘American Gods,’ the hopefully awesome adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s definitely awesome novel.  Previously, Starz has released promo videos for characters Shadow, Laura, Mad Sweeney, and Mr. Wednesday; now feast your eyes on the newest video, introducing you to the Goddess of Love, Bilquis.

Portrayed by Yetide Badaki in the upcoming series, Bilquis in the novel spent her time attempting to recapture the Old God powers that she had lost.  How might a Goddess of Love get her groove back, so to speak?  Well, from the opposite sex, of course – but without spoiling too much, let’s just say that most men she comes across may not survive the experience unscathed… or at all.

Take a peek at the video and get ready for the full experience, as ‘American Gods’ lands later this month!

‘American Gods’ will premiere on April 30, 2017, on the Starz Network.

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