Continuing where the premiere left off, Leonard is having trouble sleeping after getting into a major argument with his new wife less then a few hours into his marriage. As he sulks in the living room he is shortly joined by Penny, also having trouble sleeping, and Sheldon, who claims that he just felt a tickle in his throat. They discuss ways to rectify the situation, and Sheldon throws out the old eye for an eye idea, saying that Penny should make out with someone to make her even with Leonard. He volunteers as he is now single, and Penny and Sheldon engage in a shockingly intense kiss, just as Leonard wakes up, realizing he has issues with both his marriage and his roommate.

Later, Sheldon reminds Amy that despite their break-up she still has responsibilities toward their “child,” the show ‘Fun With Flags.’ She refuses to co-host anymore, demanding that Sheldon give her space. In response, Sheldon throws all of Amy’s possessions from his apartment into a box and heads to her place to hand it all back, tricking her into answering the door by not using his trademark knock. Amidst the possessions is a bright red bra (Penny’s) which Amy throws back in his face, aware he is trying to make her jealous. As Sheldon leaves, his OCD kicks in, and he knocks on the table in the hallway, just to get it out of his system. He returns home just in time to see Penny and Leonard trying to patch up their marriage, and he suggests that perhaps the fear of Mandy Chow is making things worse, telling Leonard to introduce Penny to Mandy.

Meanwhile, Raj is upset with Howard for knowing about Leonard’s dalliance with Mandy Chow and not saying anything, especially upset because he knows Howard told Bernadette. At the same time, Bernadette is angry with Howard for telling her, as she kept the secret for 2 years and if Penny finds out that she knew, it would hurt their friendship. Raj, Howard and Leonard discuss the events at the cafeteria, while also making jokes about how Marine Biologists are always cute, when Mandy Chow enters, and Leonard speaks to her about what is going on. She incorrectly (but understandably) assumes Leonard married Sheldon when she hears the marital news, but Leonard quickly explains about Penny, and Mandy helps him realize he may have been sabotaging his wedding by revealing the kiss to Penny.

Sheldon meanwhile is at home doing a racy episode of ‘Fun With Flags,’ using the thinly veiled metaphor of countries with flag issues to illustrate his problems with Amy and badmouth her to his loyal audience (which honestly, cannot be that many people). Leonard races back to Penny and tells her what he learned, and they both realize that they were afraid of losing the other, Leonard thinking that Penny is still too good for him, Penny worried Leonard might find someone with a higher IQ. They reconcile, all is well, and then head to the bedroom to consummate their marriage at last.

At the end of the episode, Sheldon gives Leonard and Penny a wedding gift, a free trip to San Francisco, which they love, until he explains that the THREE of them will have an amazing time. At that moment, Amy bangs on the door, entering to yell at Sheldon for his latest episode of ‘Fun With Flags.’ After telling him off she leaves, slamming the door behind her, but Sheldon is thrilled she watched the video, claiming he still has a chance. She yells through the door that she only watched as he emailed it to her with the note “This Will Make You Mad,” to which Sheldon gleefully declares that he will get her back because she was listening through the door.


SHELDON: (after Amy says she sees more of him now that they’re broken up) If you wanna see less of me, maybe we should go out again!

HOWARD: (to Leonard about Raj) You think it’s hard having one wife, try having two.

HOWARD: (to Bernadette) You let Penny marry him. Compared to that, who cares if I bought a George Clooney limited edition man-scaping kit?

SHELDON: (on why letting Penny meet Mandy Chow might alleviate her fears) …Like when that Sparklett’s guy let me look under his eyepatch.
LEONARD: First of all, you made that guy cry.
SHELDON: And we learned that you don’t need an eyeball to do that.

SHELDON: (on continuing ‘Fun With Flags’ without Amy) …And thankfully all the things my girlfriend used to do can be taken care of by my right hand.

LEONARD: Well, I got married recently…
MANDY CHOW: OH! Congratulations!… To Sheldon?

Pretty great episode, glad to see they did not stretch out the Leonard and Penny drama too much, as the real comedic gold is Sheldon and Amy’s relationship issues, as those were the best scenes of the night. I really hope they find more for Raj to do besides being Howard’s second wife, and I hope Penny does find out one day that Bernadette knew about Mandy Chow, as a fight between Penny and Bernadette is bound to be utterly hilarious. Quick note, I will be on vacation this coming week, so the recap for the third episode of this season will be a few days late, but never fear, it will be posted before the week is over!