In an unexpected directorial choice, it looks like Fede Alvarez (‘Don’t Breathe’,’Evil Dead‘) has been tapped by TriStar Pictures for their upcoming revisit to the world first introduced in Jim Henson’s 1986 cult classicLabyrinth.’ While at first glance this seems like a strange pick, you only need to think about the original film for more than a couple of seconds to remember how many horror tropes were included within and this could fit right into Alvarez’s wheelhouse.

While the original film placed David Bowie on a pedestal to many, it is hard to see how a spinoff could be set in this world without the iconic character and with his passing that doesn’t seem feasible. Of course, with thirty years having passed there is likely an entirely new ruler of this mystical land.

We know that either a sequel of some sort has been in pre-development since 2014 and last year Nicole Perlman (‘Guardians of the Galaxy’) had been hired to write the screenplay of what was initially thought of as a remake though she was quick to clarify that this would be a continuation of sorts. It is unclear if Alvarez will be using what she has penned so far, but we do know that he is co-writing the screenplay with Jay Basu (‘Monsters: Dark Continent.) Either she had to step back from the project to work on ‘Captain Marvel’ with Meg Lefauve for Marvel Studios or they’re just making changes to what was already written.

The source that broke the news has stressed once more that this is “not a remake” and that the “new story within the universe created in the original movie.” One sad but justified piece of material that was also included that David Bowie’s Jareth the Goblin King isn’t going to be involved at all.

I do hope he at least gets a name drop or some imagery in the background.

Are you looking forward to another story set in the world of ‘Labyrinth?’ Do you feel that Alvarez can make something with the same tone as the original? Share your thoughts below!

Source: Slash Film.

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