deadpool battling ajax

Despite a conflicting report from concept artist Emmanuel Shiu who claimed that the climax of ‘Deadpool’ does indeed take place on a Helicarrier, it seems director Tim Miller has now clarified the matter himself. During a recent interview with Collider, Miller set the record straight on what exactly it was that Deadpool and Ajax battled atop at the end of the movie:

“I just want to say for the record, there’s a lot of groups in the Marvel Universe who use flying combat platforms. It’s not just a helicarrier. AIM has some. There’s a lot of groups that do…It could have been anything but a S.H.I.E.L.D. helicarrier, because that would be outside the purview of the Fox/Marvel arrangement…I really just wanted to hint at a larger connection to the Marvel Universe.”

To be fair though, AIM is also outside the purview of the Fox/Marvel arrangement, so it had better not be an AIM Helicarrier either. Seems to me that Miller and his team threw in a Helicarrier as a cheeky reference to the MCU, and due to studio pressure and potential legal issues are now having to deny having done so. There is no other reason why they would have used anything that even remotely looked like a Helicarrier in that final scene, and I for one instantly understood that and appreciated the fact that ‘Deadpool’ was deliberately playing around with what they could get away with in the movie, much the same as they did with the “Bob” character, who technically is a character associated with Hydra and someone 20th Century Fox cannot use, hence why the reference to Bob was very vague in “Deadpool.”

What’s your opinion on the matter? Did you also think it was a Helicarrier when you saw the film? Does it really matter that much to the fans? Or is it just the rights issues and studio egos that are making this a controversy? Share your thoughts and theories in the comments below!