While ‘Darth Maul‘ has recently died (again) on ‘Star Wars Rebels,’ writer Cullen Bunn is sharing what is in his future, at least in the third issue of the prequel 5-part miniseries from Marvel that is. We’ve already seen the character looking to go much darker than ‘Darth Vader’ did, but where Vader was cold and calculating, we see Maul run on pure hatred. Bunn is taking some time to share with us Maul’s plans on kidnapping a captured Jedi Padawan against Emporer Palpatine’s order to not yet strike against the Jedi.

What he doesn’t know won’t hurt him, right?

When showing us what readers are finding out about this villain, Bunn states that:

We’ve learned how unsatisfied he is with his master’s plans. We’ve learned that he’s not one to sit around waiting and that he’s been roaming the galaxy testing himself. We’ve learned that he has connections to some notorious bounty hunters. And we’ve seen a bit about the cruel training he’s endured. With the Sith, we’ve delved a bit into their past—something I’m not sure readers really expected—and saw some of their downfall. We’ve explored a bit about how the Sith see their differences from the Jedi. We’ve also seen how Maul sees the Sith as compared to the Jedi.

For those who haven’t followed the comic quite yet, you might be curious why Maul is trying to capture a Jedi at all, even a Padawan? That’s quite simple:

Maul is itching to test his skills against the Jedi. He’s been trained to hate them, to want them dead; but he is forbidden to strike against them. He wants to secretly rescue the Padawan Eldra Kaitis for one reason: so he can kill her.

We know that Palpatine he a very intricate plan in place to take over the galaxy and Maul’s work could jeopardize that if the Jedi get even a whiff of what is in store ahead of time so how do Maul’s plans work here?

His plans fly in the face of Darth Sidious. Sidious works slowly, weaving an intricate web of deception. Any Jedi entanglements could jeopardize everything he is working toward. If Sidious finds out about Maul’s betrayal, the punishment will be severe.

Bunn leaves us with one parting thought on the upcoming issue:

In issue #3, Maul and Eldra Kaitis come face-to-face, and I think readers are going to get a real kick out of this new character. His planned abduction of the Padawan, though, will not go as planned. It might even mean that the two must work together in order for even one of them to survive.

While I’ve been enjoying the book so far it has severely lacked one thing – action. I suspect as we see Maul and Kaitis officially meet past the final panel in the second issue that the action is about to kick in!

Have you been enjoying ‘Darth Maul’ so far? If so, what character would you like to see him work on in the future? Share your thoughts below!

You can find ‘Darth Maul’ #3 in the Dark Side of your comic shop on April 26th, 2017!

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